Title: Men Shouldn't Sing (2007)
Rating Contains low level offensive language.
Director: Sarah A Higginson, Michael Bell.
Starring: Jennine Bailey, Lynn Booth, Scott Koorey, Lucy MacVicar, Gary Miller, James Nation-Ingle, West Relugas, Sam Taylor, Michael Williams.
Duration: 108 minutes Country: NZ.
A sci-fi comedy musical? Why not! In a New Zealand film industry first, CPIT Jazz School graduate Michael Bell has created a stunning line-up of orginal songs for this bizarre blend of 'Cube' meets 'High School Musical' in which a group of strangers find themselves thrown together, inexplicably bursting into song and dance whenever they feel emotional. Trapped in this mundane musical they soon discover they need to get out - or die! Made for next-to-nothing with a huge team of talented Christchurch locals who volunteered their time and talent.
DVD Special Features include: Widescreen Version. Zone 4.
Categories: Comedy, Musicals, New Zealand Film, Science Fiction
Location: New Zealand Film
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Men Shouldn't Sing
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