The Labelling System
DVDs and Videofilms are required by the NZ Film & Video Publications Classifications Act 1993 to display classification labels on films offered for rental or sale.

Film Labels are colour coded, much the same as traffic lights:
  • GREEN means anyone can watch a film.

  • YELLOW means anyone can view the film, but may contain material, such as violence or sexual themes, which may upset some people. Parental guidance is advised before children view the film.

  • RED means that the film is legally restricted and can only be viewed by the audience specified. There are no exceptions to this.

Below are sample labels you may encounter when browsing this website or film library. Some labels also have additional notes advising of violence, language, sexual themes etc that could offend some viewers.

Suitable for General Audiences
Parental Guidance Recommended for Younger Viewers
Suitable for Mature Audiences 16 Years and Over
Restricted to persons 13 Years and Over
Restricted to persons 16 Years and Over unless accompanied by a Parent/Guardian
Restricted to persons 16 Years and Over
Restricted to persons 18 Years and Over
Exempt From Classification
Generally documentaries containing natural or social science, travel, current affairs or historical accounts containing a unity of subject matter