New Zealand Film

Welcome to the New Zealand Film archive. Most New Zealand films have been made by small independent film-makers, often on a low budget and sometimes with sponsorship from the private sector or the NZ Film Commission. Only recently have international film companies used the New Zealand film industry as a source of feature films. However, the independent tradition of filmmaking in New Zealand dates back to the end of the 19th century, when film was first shot in New Zealand. The first feature film made in Godzone was "Hinemoa". It premiered on August 1, 1914 at the Lyric Theatre, Auckland. The documentary film Cinema of Unease, by Sam Neill, presents an accessible history of film in New Zealand. Most films are able to be accessed below, however some Films have been seperated into sub-categories, ie "New Zealand Documentaries", "Short Films" and "Peter Jackson Directs". The mother-lode can be prospected below. Right: An artists rendition of Geoff Murphy's "Goodbye Pork Pie".

Broken English (1996)

Director: Gregor Nicholas
Starring: Rade Serbedzija, Aleksandra Vujcic, Marton Csokas

Racial angst and insecurities afflict an immigrant Serbian family living in Auckland. Rade Serbedzija plays the hot-blooded patriarch and radiant newc... Read more

Illustrious Energy (1987)

Director: Leon Narbey
Starring: Heather Bolton, Peter Hayden, Shaun Bao, Peter Chin, Desmond Kelly, Harry Ip, Ge...

Two Chinese gold miners in a remote valley in Central Otago struggle to improve their lot. The goldrush is over. Their life is tough. When they make a... Read more

Her Majesty (2001)

Director: Mark J Gordon
Starring: Sally Andrews, Vicky Haughton, Mark Clare, Liddy Holloway

1953 New Zealand. Elizabeth Wakefield (Sally Andrews) is a 13 year old with a dream. She wants the newly crowned Queen Elizabeth to visit her Waikato... Read more

The Map Reader (2008)

Director: Harold Brodie
Starring: Rebecca Gibney, Jordan Selwyn, Mikaila Hutchinson, Bonnie Soper, Rachel Nash, Mi...

In a small New Zealand town, 16-year-old Michael leads a lonely, introverted existence with his single mum, Amelia (Rebecca Gibney), whose guilt and a... Read more

This is Not a Love Story (2002)

Director: Keith Hill
Starring: Sarah Smuts-Kennedy, Stephen Lovatt, Peta Rutter, Beryl Te Wiata, Peter Elliott

A love triangle in which a romantic young woman decides she needs more life experiences - and the troubled couple across the street are just the peopl... Read more

Alex (1993)

Director: Megan Simpson
Starring: Lauren Jackson, Chris Haywood, Josh Picker

The story of a determined young woman's quest against setbacks, intense rivalry and personal tragedy to win selection for the 1960 Olympic Games in Ro... Read more

Good for Nothing (2011)

Director: Mike Wallis
Starring: Cohen Holloway, Inge Rademeyer

"Good for Nothing" is an entertaining and ironic look into the emotional confusion of an outlaw who reluctantly develops strong feelings for a woman h... Read more

The Breaker Upperers (2018)

Director: Madeleine Sami, Jackie van Beek
Starring: Jemaine Clement, Oscar Kightley, Madeleine Sami, Jaquie Brown, James Rolleston,...

Two women cynical in love, set up an agency to break couples up as a way to avoid letting go and moving on with their lives. Read more

Event 16 (2006)

Director: Derek Pearson
Starring: Peter Rutherford, Jocelyn Christian, Ezra Keddell, Julian White, John Porter

Kiwi writer/director Derek Pearson's debut feature is this engrossing and effects-heavy sci-fi murder mystery set in Wellington in 1893, 2006 and 2038... Read more

Nancy Wake: Gestapo's Most Wanted (2013)

Director: Mike Smith
Starring: Owen Black, Rachael Blampied

This is the incredible true story of Nancy Wake, the daring allied spy who became the Gestapo's most wanted woman in WWII. Codenamed The White Mouse... Read more