Animation refers to the process in which each frame of a film or movie is produced individually, whether generated as a computer graphic, or by photographing a drawn image, or by repeatedly making small changes to a model, and then photographing the result. When the frames are strung together and the resulting film is viewed at a speed of 16 or more frames per second, there is an illusion of continuous movement (due to the persistence of vision). Generating such a film is very labour intensive and tedious, though the development of computer animation has greatly sped up the process. Here Alice has assembled all the very best of this craft; scroll below alphabetically or search using the sub-categories in green on the left. 'Family Animation', 'Classic Animation', 'Cult Animation' or 'JapanAnime'. Right: Nick Park's endearing Wallace and Gromit.

Pocahontas (1995)

Director: Eric Goldberg, Mike Gabriel
Starring: Irene Bedard, Mel Gibson, Voices Of, Billy Connolly

The true story of the native American girl who became a peacemaker between her people and English settlers in the early 1600s served as a basis for Di... Read more

Neon Genesis Evangelion 0:2 (1997)

Director: Hideaki Anno
Starring: Animation

Episodes 5-8. The Evangelion is the most powerful combat weapon ever conceived of by man, but at the core of each Eva is a single young human pilot. A... Read more

Dinosaur (2000)

Director: Ralph Zondag, Eric Leighton
Starring: Voices Of, D B Sweeney, Joan Plowright, Ossie Davis

Disney's spectacular computer-animated adventure is set 65 million years ago at the end of the Age of Reptiles, as an abandoned baby iguanadon named A... Read more

FLCL ( Fooly Cooly ) - Volume 1 (2000)

Director: Kazuya Tsurumaki

Volume 1 of 3. Episode 1: Naota has enough to deal with at home. His older brother went to the US to play baseball. And his father and grandfather nev... Read more

Waking Life (2001)

Director: Richard Linklater
Starring: Wiley Wiggins, Ethan Hawke, Julie Delpy, Steven Soderbergh

Director Richard Linklater's innovative cartoon odyssey uses live-action footage overlaid with matching computer animation to create an experience as... Read more

Cowboy Bebop: Volume 3 (1998)

Director: Shinichiro Watanabe
Starring: Animation

Volume 3 of 6. In this installment of 'Cowboy Bebop' the 'space cowboys' face hidden dangers aboard their own ship, will have to confront their dark p... Read more

My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)

Director: Michael Joens
Starring: Voices Of, Danny DeVito, Madeline Kahn, Tony Randall, Cloris Leachman, Alice Pla...

Children under 7 should enjoy this animated fantasy that pits the good little ponies against an evil witch. The highlight is an encounter with the Smo... Read more

Heavy Metal 2000 (1999)

Director: Michel Lemire, Michael Coldewey
Starring: Voices Of, Michael Ironside, Julie Strain, Billy Idol

In-name only sequel to 1981's 'Heavy Metal'. An adult animated tale in which Tyler, a psychotic space pirate in pursuit of the key to immortality, pic... Read more

Hoodwinked (2005)

Director: Cory Edwards, Todd Edwards
Starring: Voices Of, Anne Hathaway, Glenn Close, James Belich, Patrick Warburton, Anthony...

Grimm's classic fairy-tale gets a hip new animated re-telling as two critter cops, Stork (Anthony Anderson) and Grizzly (Xzibit) are sent to investiga... Read more

Fritz The Cat (1972)

Director: Ralph Bakshi
Starring: Skip Hinnant, Rosetta Le Noire, Judy Engles

This x-rated cartoon by Ralph Bakshi hit a responsive chord with the counterculture audience of the seventies. This now classic cult rendition of Robe... Read more