General Docos

Under General Documentaries be all those diverse subjects that are not about Filmmaking, Sport, War, Natural History, Queer Doco's, New Zealand Doco's or Art on Film. This is a fascinating area to scroll....

Gleason (2016)

Director: Clay Tweel

At the age of 34, Steve Gleason, former NFL defensive back and New Orleans hero, was diagnosed with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, a rare incurab... Read more

The Family (2016)

Director: Rosie Jones

Anne Hamilton-Byrne was beautiful, charismatic and delusional. She was also incredibly dangerous. Convinced she was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ,... Read more

Notes on Blindness (2016)

Director: Peter Middelton, James Spinney

In 1983, after years of failing sight, John Hull, a professor of theology in Birmingham, England, became completely blind. Soon after, he began keepin... Read more

Life, Animated (2016)

Director: Roger Ross Williams

Director Roger Ross Williams received a Sundance directing prize for this dynamic documentary about Owen Suskind and his equally extraordinary parents... Read more

Chasing Asylum (2016)

Director: Eva Orner

Drawing on an abundance of whistle-blower testimony and stealthily shot footage, Australian filmmaker Eva Orner (producer of Alex Gibney's Taxi to the... Read more

The First Monday in May (2016)

Director: Andrew Rossi
Starring: Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, Rihanna

Needing a good fix of Anna Wintour ever since The September Issue? Help is at hand, thanks to this behind-the-scenes documentary which covers her over... Read more

Tickled (2016)

Director: David Farrier, Dylan Reeve
Starring: David Farrier

After stumbling upon a bizarre "competitive endurance tickling" video online, wherein young men are paid to be tied up and tickled, reporter David Far... Read more

Embrace (2016)

Director: Taryn Brumfitt

This rousing documentary by Australian body image activist Taryn Brumfitt should prove a most effective tool in her popular campaign to counteract the... Read more

Billy Connolly: Tracks Across America (2016)

Starring: Billy Connolly

In 2011 it took Billy Connolly eight long weeks to cross the two and half thousand miles that make up Route 66. Now he wants to circumnavigate all fou... Read more

Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music (2016)


"Soundbreaking" explores the history of recorded music. Featuring more than 150 original interviews with some of the most celebrated recording artists... Read more