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Under General Documentaries be all those diverse subjects that are not about Filmmaking, Sport, War, Natural History, Queer Doco's, New Zealand Doco's or Art on Film. This is a fascinating area to scroll....

The Wonder of Britain (2015)

Despite being a small nation at just 93,000 square miles (or roughly one third of the size of the state of Texas) Great Britain is blessed with an inc... Read more

Iris (2015)

Director: Albert Maysles

New York fashion original Iris Apfel first came to prominence as an interior designer in the 1950s when she and her husband founded a company speciali... Read more

The Art of Recovery (2015)

Director: Peter Young

As demolition gangs reduce ruins to rubble, artists, innovators and entrepreneurs are bringing life back to the streets of post-quake Christchurch, em... Read more

The Emperor's New Clothes (2015)

Director: Michael Winterbottom
Starring: Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand and filmmaker Michael Winterbottom (The Trip, 24 Hour Party People) collaborate with this documentary, tackling inequality and... Read more

Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief (2015)

Director: Alex Gibney

The Church of Scientology hates this film. When it was released in the US in March, the organisation sent a five-page letter to the Hollywood Reporter... Read more

Enchanted Kingdom (2015)

Director: Patrick Morris
Starring: Narrated by, Idris Elba

Created with ground-breaking technology, where Hollywood techniques meet the best in nature film-making, 'Enchanted Kingdom' is an immersive adventure... Read more

The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst (2015)

Director: Andrew Jarecki

An HBO Documentary Films six chapter series, 'The Jinx' is a highly stylized true crime story about Robert Durst, one time heir to the multibillion do... Read more

Overground: The Railway - Keeping Britain on Track (2015)

With unprecedented access to Network Rail, train companies Virgin, East Coast, First Great Western and Northern, and the British Transport Police, thi... Read more

The Day That Changed My Life (2015)

Director: Christopher Dudman

A powerful, uncensored and life-affirming documentary built around raw, heartfelt, never-before-seen interviews captured in the immediate aftermath of... Read more

Black Panther Woman (2014)

Director: Rachel Perkins

Marlene Cummins recounts her time with the leader of the Australian Black Panther Party in 1972, and her 40-year fight with addiction. Read more