Special Editions

Special Editions differ from Box Sets insofar as they are generally extended editions of Alice's Back Catalogue Films, for example the Extended Lord of the Rings films, and are available on a10 day rental cycle. In most cases they contain a lot of extra footage be it in the film or the supplementary material. All Special Editions are now available fo DVD Home Delivery.

Pope: The Most Powerful Man in History (2018)

Starring: Liam Neeson

A six-part series that goes inside the Vatican to reveal the true power held by popes throughout the ages. The docuseries explores how 12 apostles bec... Read more

Informer (2018)

Starring: Paddy Considine, Nabhaan Rizwan, Bel Powley

Informer is a complex, character-driven thriller about Raza, a young second generation British-Pakistani man from East London who is coerced by Gabe,... Read more

The Clinton Affair (2018)

Starring: Bill Clinton

A series of exclusive interviews and archival footage examining Bil Clinton's political scandal of the 1990s and its lasting influence in the United S... Read more

White Dragon (2018)

Starring: John Simm, Anthony Chau-Sang Wong, Katie Leung, Anthony Hayes, Emilia Fox, Tim M...

Jonah Mulray is a professor whose world comes crashing down when his wife is killed in a car crash in Hong Kong. Though his wife lived and worked ther... Read more

Chain of Command: Season 1 (2018)

Starring: Chris Evans

Narrated by Chris Evans, this groundbreaking eight-part documentary series offers unprecedented access to the U.S. military’s mission to combat violen... Read more

Mars: Season 2 (2018)

Starring: Jihae ., Alberto Ammann, Anamaria Marinca

The groundbreaking series returns, exploring the next phase of human colonization on Mars. Blending powerful drama, action, and visual effects, with i... Read more

Dynasties (2018)

Starring: David Attenborough

Follow the true stories of five of the world's most celebrated, yet endangered animals; penguins, chimpanzees, lions, painted wolves and tigers. Each... Read more

A Discovery of Witches: Series 1 (2018)

Starring: Teresa Palmer, Matthew Goode, Malin Buska, Owen Teale, Alex Kingston

Diana Bishop, historian and witch, accesses Ashmole 782 and knows she must solve its mysteries. She is offered help by the enigmatic Matthew Clairmont... Read more

Fighting Season: Season 1 (2018)

Starring: Ewen Leslie, Kate Mulvany, Jay Ryan

The story is a six-part event drama that surrounds the invisible men and women who fight for their country (Australia), what they bring home from the... Read more

The Pacific: In the Wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neill (2018)

Starring: Sam Neill

Actor Sam Niell retraces the route Capt. James Cook took 250 years before on his legendary journey across the Southwest Pacific, explores the cultures... Read more