Fantasy Films

Fantasy Films, unlike science fiction films that base their content upon some degree of scientific truth, take the audience to netherworld, fairty-tale places where events are unlikely to occur in real life. In mythological or legendary times, they transcend the bounds of human possibility and physical laws. Fantasy films are often in the context of the imagination, dreams, or hallucinations of a character or within the projected vision of the storyteller. Fantasy films often have an element of magic, myth, wonder, escapism, and the extraordinary. They may appeal to both children and adults, depending upon the particular film. Below is a collection of films where imagination has no bounds. Where entire worlds have been created and populated with mythical creatures, magical quests and larger than life heroes and villains.

Highlander (1986)

Director: Russell Mulcahy
Starring: Roxanne Hart, Sean Connery, Clancy Brown, Christopher Lambert

An action-packed fantasy adventure about immortals battling each other through the centuries for supremacy, because "there can be only one". Stars Chr... Read more

Ghostbusters II (1989)

Director: Ivan Reitman
Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray, Sigourney Weaver, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, Ernie Hu...

After their last outing, the boys have been banned from ghost-busting and hold down regular jobs. However, the discovery of a massive river of ectopl... Read more

The Grand Budapest Hotel ( Blu-ray ) (2014)

Director: Wes Anderson
Starring: Adrien Brody, Bill Murray, Edward Norton, F Murray Abraham, Harvey Keitel, Jason...

Grand Budapest Hotel recounts the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at a famous European hotel between the wars, and Zero Moustafa, the l... Read more

Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams (2002)

Director: Robert Rodriguez
Starring: Antonio Banderas, Steve Buscemi, Carla Gugino, Mike Judge, Daryl Sabara, Alexa V...

In this thrilling sequel, Carmen and Juni Cortez have become junior members of the OSS and are enlisted to go to an extreme amusement park to find a p... Read more

Dune (2021)

Director: Denis Villeneuve
Starring: Timothee Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Oscar Isaac, Jason Momoa, Stellan Skarsgard...

A mythic and emotionally charged hero's journey, "Dune" tells the story of Paul Atreides, a brilliant and gifted young man born into a great destiny b... Read more

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (2006)

Director: Gore Verbinski
Starring: Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport, Bill Nighy, Jonatha...

The whole crew reunites for this supernatural swashbuckling sequel as Captain Jack (Johnny Depp) tries to avoid a blood debt he owes to the somewhat s... Read more

Life of Pi (2012)

Director: Ang Lee
Starring: Gerard Depardieu, Rafe Spall, Tabu , Irrfan Khan, Suraj Sharma, Adil Hussain

Based on the best-selling novel by Yann Martel, director Ang Lee's 'Life of Pi' is a visually stunning adventure story centering on Pi Patel, the prec... Read more

The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)

Director: Steven Spielberg
Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Julianne Moore, Pete Postlethwaite, Arliss Howard

Four years on from the events at Jurassic Park on the island of Isla Nubar, dinosaurs have bred on the neighbouring site of Isla Sorna. The park's fou... Read more

The Mummy (1999)

Director: Stephen Sommers
Starring: Rachel Weisz, John Hannah, Brendan Fraser, Arnold Vosloo

Buried alive more than 3000 years ago, an ancient Egyptian priest is brought back to life by an archeological expedition in the 1920s and uses his arc... Read more

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008)

Director: David Fincher
Starring: Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett, Elias Koteas, Julia Ormond, Tilda Swinton

"I was born under unusual circumstances..." Thus begins 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button', the Academy Award-winning film starring Brad Pitt as a... Read more