Anime is the Japanese word for Animation. In Japan, the animation industry is more in the forefront than in the US, and animated shows covering virtually every genre can be found in the form of television shows, Original Animation Videos and feature films. Much like any other entertainment medium, anime can range from the very silly to the very serious, and is not necessarily intended for children or any specific age group. Below is a hand-picked selection of titles that Alice's mavens consider the best of the genre on offer. Right: 'Ghost In The Shell'

Death Note: Volume 8 (2007)


Volume 8 of 9. When Mello realizes that he may be Kira's next target, he bursts into the SPK headquarters to retrieve a picture of himself - and gives... Read more

Death Note: Volume 7 (2007)


Volume 7 of 9. Episodes 25-28. With his memory recovered and Higuchi of the Yotsuba Group out of the way, Light can put his master plan into motion an... Read more

Death Note: Volume 6 (2007)


Volume 6 of 9. Episodes 21-24. The Yotsuba Group enlists an investigator to uncover L's identity, while Misa, who's been hired as their spokeperson, d... Read more

Vexille (2007)

Director: Fumihiko Sori

By the year 2077, the UN has banned robot technology because of its threat to humankind; but there are fears that such technologies are being develope... Read more

Death Note: Volume 5 (2007)


Volume 5 of 9. Episodes 17-20. After fifty days of confinement, the killings continue, and Light and Misa are released, only to face the ride of their... Read more

Appleseed Ex Machina (2007)

Director: Shinji Aramaki

The utopian city of Olympus is under attack by high-minded terrorists bent on controlling the will of the world's population - be they human, cyborg o... Read more

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone (2007)

Director: Hideaki Anno, Kazuya Tsurumaki, Masayuki

The Angels have descended. These colossal extraterrestrial monsters besiege the fortress-city of Tokyo-3 and our last line of defence is the Evangelio... Read more

Death Note: Volume 4 (2007)


Volume 4 of 9. Episodes 13-16. Light becomes the hunter when he's forced to track down Misa, the second Kira. When she finds him first, Light realises... Read more

Afro Samurai (2007)

Director: Fuminori Kizaki
Starring: Voices Of, Samuel L Jackson, Kelly Hu, Ron Perlman

Samuel L Jackson is the titular sword-slinger desperate to avenge the death of his father at the hands of Justice (Ron Perlman), who also happens to b... Read more

Tezuka: The Experimental Films (2007)

Director: Osamu Tezuka

Often considered the father of anime, and the Japanese equivalent to Walt Disney, Osamu Tezuka created such iconic animated characters as Astro Boy an... Read more