Horror Movies

Things that go bump in the night, the monster in the closet, the shadow on the wall and the shape under the bed are all part of our subconcious fears that stem from childhood... the fear of the unknown. Horror films tap into that fear and serve up fright-filled nightmares that keep us screaming for more... For that one man cottage industry of fear and suspense, Stephen King films can be found through the 'Special Interest' link, under 'Based on...' or by using the 'Stephen King' link on any of his adaptations. See also 'Classic Horror'.

Welcome to the Jungle (Blu-ray) (2007)

Director: Jonathan Hensleigh

Two young couples head into the New Guinea wilderness in an effort to find Michael Rockefeller, the heir to the Rockefeller fortune who disappeared in... Read more

Wendigo (2002)

Director: Larry Fessenden
Starring: Patricia Clarkson, Erik Per Sullivan, Jake Weber

A weekend trip to upstate New York's Catskill mountains turns into a nightmare for the McClaren family when their young son becomes the unwitting mast... Read more

Werckmeister Harmonies (2000)

Director: Bela Tarr
Starring: Hanna Schygulla, Lars Rudolph

Bela Tarr's gravely haunting, challenging existential meditation is set in a bleak and wintry Hungarian village which is visited by a distinctly odd t... Read more

Werewolf of London / She-Wolf of London (1935)

Director: Jean Yarbrough, Stuart Walker
Starring: Henry Hull, June Lockhart, Valerie Hobson, Warner Oland, Don Porter, Sara Haden

Universal first added a lycanthrope to its stable of screen monsters with "Werewolf of London" (1935), starring Henry Hull as a botanist who is attack... Read more

Wes Craven's New Nightmare (1994)

Director: Wes Craven
Starring: Robert Englund, Heather Langenkamp, Miko Hughes, David Newsom, John Saxon

"A Nightmare on Elm Street" is re-energised with this deliciously deceptive exercise in reality manipulation. The cast plays itself, working in the ho... Read more

What We Do in the Shadows (2014)

Director: Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement
Starring: Jemaine Clement, Jonathan Brugh, Taika Waititi, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer, Stu Ruther...

Flatmates Viago (Taika Waititi), Deacon (Jonny Brugh), and Vladislav (Jemaine Clement) are three vampires who are just trying to get by in modern soci... Read more

When Animals Dream (2014)

Director: Jonas Alexander Arnby
Starring: Sonja Richter, Jakob Oftebro, Lars Mikkelsen, Sonia Suhl

Scandinavian superstars Lars Mikkelsen (THE KILLING) and Sonja Richter (THE KEEPER OF LOST CAUSES) star with astonishing new talent Sonia Suhl in WHEN... Read more

When Night Falls (2007)

Director: Alex Galvin
Starring: Sylvia Rands, Tania Nolan, Rosella Hart, Kevin Keys

Wairarapa, New Zealand, 1932. One evening, two nurses are caring for an invalid patient at his isolated country home. Over the past few weeks, a kille... Read more

White Noise (2004)

Director: Geoffrey Sax
Starring: Michael Keaton, Deborah Kara Unger, Chandra West, Ian McNeice

When architect Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) loses his wife in a tragic accident, he turns to the shadowy, unnerving world of Electronic Voice Phen... Read more

White Noise: The Light (2007)

Director: Patrick Lussier
Starring: Nathan Fillion, Katee Sackhoff, Kendall Cross, Craig Fairbrass, Adrian Holmes

Abe (Nathan Fillion) is a contented husband and father when a chaotic act of violence rips away everything he loves. After a botched suicide, Abe has... Read more