This section covers everything from Muhammed Ali biopic 'When We Were Kings' to wannabe basketballer epic 'Hoop Dreams'. Here you will also find Leni Riefenstahl's ode to the Berlin Olympics 'Olympiad' and a veritable treasure chest of extreme sports and surfing documentaries, notably those of Warren Miller and Bruce Brown. If armchair sports are your thing, get comfy...

Richie McCaw: Chasing Great (2016)

Director: Justin Pemberton, Michelle Walshe
Starring: Richie McCaw

Chasing Great follows Richie McCaw through his final season as he attempts the goal of captaining the All Blacks to the first ever-back-to back Rugby... Read more

First Descent (2005)

Director: Kemp Curley, Kevin Harrison
Starring: Shaun White, Nick Perata, Hannah Teter, Shawn Farmer, Terje Haakonsen, Narrated...

The history of snow-boarding from its beginnings as a back yard hobby in the '80s, to its current status as a billion dollar recreation industry and O... Read more

Surfwise (2007)

Director: Doug Pray

The amazing true life odyssey of a Malibu doctor who decided to leave behind the lifestyle of mainstream America and seek self-fulfillment by taking u... Read more

Ping Pong (2012)

Director: Hugh Hartford

8 players with 703 years between them compete in the World over 80s Table Tennis Championships in Inner Mongolia. Terry (81) having been given a week... Read more

Riding Giants (2004)

Director: Stacy Peralta
Starring: Darrick Doerner, Dave Kalama, Kelly Slater, Greg Noll, Jeff Clark, Laird Hamilto...

From Stacy Peralta, award-winning director of 'Dogtown' comes this insightful and hugely entertaining documentary about the history of surfing and su... Read more

Bobby Fischer Against the World (2011)

Director: Liz Garbus

In 1972, America was chess-obsessed. The Soviet Union used chess to demonstrate its intellectual superiority to the West, but along came a young, lone... Read more

Peking to Paris (2006)


In 1907, when the motorcar still had something to prove, the punishing Peking to Paris race was born of a casual dare in a Parisian newspaper. More t... Read more

Tyson (2008)

Director: James Toback
Starring: Mike Tyson

A riveting documentary portrait of the controversial boxer in which Iron Mike frankly tells the story of his rollercoaster ride of a life. From his to... Read more

The Ground We Won (2015)

Director: Christopher Pryor, Miriam Smith

The Ground We Won is a vérité documentary study of manhood as observed through the rites and rituals of a rural New Zealand rugby club. With great baw... Read more

Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator (2002)

Director: Helen Stickler
Starring: Mark Rogowski, Tony Hawk, Stacy Peralta

In the 1980s, professional skateboarder Mark "Gator" Rogowski was one of the sport's most revered icons. This captivating documentary chronicles the d... Read more