Australian Film

Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! Here we have collected all things ocker, be they movies or television. You'll find Nicole Kidman rubbing shoulders with Norman Gunston, and Judy Davis with Yahoo Serious. There's Crocodile Dundee, Barry McKenzie, Mad Max, and Kath and Kim. Drama, comedy, romance and thrillers, if it's got Bryan Brown or Jack Thompson in it, chances are this is where you'll find it! Right: Dame Edna Everidge.

Till Human Voices Wake Us (2002)

Director: Michael Petroni
Starring: Guy Pearce, Helena Bonham Carter

Spectacularly photographed in Australia and hauntingly atmospheric in theme, "Till Human Voices Wake Us" teams Guy Pearce and Helena Bonham Carter in... Read more

Jindabyne (2006)

Director: Ray Lawrence
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Laura Linney, John Howard, Deborra-Lee Furness, Stelios Yiakmis,...

From the director of 'Lantana', this enigmatic psychodrama examines the consequences of the actions of four men who go on a fishing trip and don't all... Read more

Blessed (2009)

Director: Ana Kokkinos
Starring: Deborra-Lee Furness, Frances O'Connor, Miranda Otto, Victoria Haralabidou, Willi...

A tender and stirring portrayal of a single day from two very different perspectives. Seven children wander the streets in an urban odyssey but not al... Read more

Kath and Kim: Series 2 (2003)

Starring: Jane Turner, Gina Riley, Magda Szubanski, Glenn Robbins

Look at moiye, look at moiye, look at moiye. Look out peoples! Kath and Kim, the suburban nightmare living the suburban dream, are back in 2003. Big t... Read more

The Nugget (2002)

Director: Bill Bennett
Starring: Eric Bana, Stephen Curry, Dave O'Neil

"The Nugget" is a tale about a group of three road workers who stumble upon the world's biggest nugget and become instant millionaires, or so they thi... Read more

The Sum Of Us (1994)

Director: Geoff Burton, Kevin Dowling
Starring: Jack Thompson, Russell Crowe, John Polson

Ferry driver and widower Jack Thompson lives with his son Russell Crowe. Both are looking for a long-term partner. Dad for a woman - son for a man. in... Read more

He Died with a Felafel in his Hand (2000)

Director: Richard Lowenstein
Starring: Noah Taylor, Emily Hamilton, Romane Bohringer, Sophie Lee

Budding writer (Noah Taylor) has just moved into his 47th shared house, this time in Brisbane and the flatmates have not improved. One lives in a clos... Read more

Blacktown (2005)

Director: Kriv Stenders
Starring: Tony Ryan, Niki Owen, Kriv Stenders

A true indie film, shot on digital with a sizeable chunk of the director's own money, this is a love-against-the-odds story in which the disillusioned... Read more

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

Director: George Miller, George Ogilvie
Starring: Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Angelo Rossitto

The third in the 'Mad Max' Trilogy pits Max (Mel Gibson) against the sadistic Aunty Entity (Tina Turner) while he leads a tribe of wild children to th... Read more

Paper Planes (2014)

Director: Robert Connolly
Starring: Sam Worthington, Ed Oxenbould, Deborah Mailman, David Wenham

If at first you don't succeed, fly, fly again. Paper planes is a family film that tells the story of a young boy's passion for flight and his j... Read more