Latest Staff Picks

The films listed below are Alice's Latest Staff Picks, finding their way into this category generally as a result of agreement between staff that they have real merit for one reason or another. Most titles represent a safe choice for those that find choosing a film difficult or are bewildered by Alice's depth and breadth... For personal Staff Picks, you are cordially invited to take a journey into the mind's eye of Alice's movie mavens by clicking on the 'Staff Favourites' link (stage left). Click on the Alice Guide of your choice, and take an ushered journey through the looking glass and into their personal cinematic wonderland.

Escape from Alcatraz (1979)

Director: Don Siegel
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Fred Ward, Jack Thibeau, Patrick McGoohan, Roberts Blossom

Clint Eastwood and director Don Siegel re-team for their fifth film in this fascinating account of the only three men ever to escape from the infamous... Read more

The Ref (1994)

Director: Ted Demme
Starring: Denis Leary, Judy Davis, Kevin Spacey

This caustic black comedy has a cat burglar (Denis Leary) on the lam holding a perennially bickering married couple (Judy Davis and Kevin Spacey) host... Read more

The White Diamond (2004)

Director: Werner Herzog
Starring: Dr. Graham Dorrington

Acclaimed filmmaker Werner Herzog follows enigmatic airship engineer Dr Graham Dorrington, as he embarks on a trip, in the heart of the Guyanian rainf... Read more

Labyrinth ( Blu-ray ) (1986)

Director: Jim Henson
Starring: David Bowie, Jennifer Connelly, Shelley Thompson, Toby Froud

Sarah (Jennifer Connelly) wished her baby brother would be taken away by goblins, and now her wish has come true. Jareth (David Bowie), the Goblin Kin... Read more

Cold War (Blu-Ray) (2018)

Director: Pawel Pawlikowski
Starring: Joanna Kulig, Tomasz Kot, Agata Kulesza, Jeanne Balibar, Cedric Kahn

A passionate love story between two people of different backgrounds and temperaments, who are fatefully mismatched and yet condemned to each other. Se... Read more

The Green Ray ( aka Summer ) (1986)

Director: Eric Rohmer
Starring: Marie Riviere, Beatrice Romand

A sensitive young woman searches for companionship and her ideal man on her summer holiday. Perfectly capturing the season - charming, intelligent and... Read more

An American Werewolf in London (1981)

Director: John Landis
Starring: David Naughton, Jenny Agutter, Griffin Dunne, John Woodvine

David Naughton and Jenny Agutter star in writer/director John Landis' classic cult black comedy. American backpackers David (David Naughton) and Jack... Read more

Theeb (2014)


In the Ottoman province of Hijaz during World War I, a young Bedouin boy experiences a greatly hastened coming-of-age as he embarks on a perilous dese... Read more

Elle (2016)

Director: Paul Verhoeven
Starring: Isabelle Huppert, Laurent Lafitte, Anne Consigny

A successful businesswoman gets caught up in a game of cat and mouse as she tracks down the unknown man who raped her. Read more

Garth Merenghi's Darkplace (2004)

Starring: Richard Ayoade, Matt Berry, Matthew Holness, Alice Lowe

When the Hellmouth opens beneath Darkplace Hospital in downtown Romford, kiddy doctor, Vietnam veteran and ex-warlock Dr. Rick Dagless M.D. (Garth Mer... Read more