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Cronos (Blu-ray) (1993)

Director: Guillermo del Toro
Starring: Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook

Guillermo del Toro made an auspicious and audacious feature debut with 'Cronos', a highly unorthodox tale about the seductiveness of the idea of immor... Read more

First Spaceship on Venus / Octaman (1962)

Director: Kurt Maetzig, Harry J Essex
Starring: Oldrich Lukes, Ignacy Machowski, Kerwin Mathews, Jeff Morrow, Yoko Tani

"First Spaceship on Venus" (1962) - After discovering a communications device from Venus containing a message about the impending attack of Earth, an... Read more

Once Upon a Scoundrel (1973)

Director: George Schaefer
Starring: Zero Mostel, Katy Jurado

When Senor Refugio (Zero Mostel) behaves more despicably than ever before by separating a young couple in love, it's time for the entire town to take... Read more