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Letter to Blanchy: Volume 3 (1996)

Starring: Jon Gadsby, David McPhail, Peter Rowley

Jon Gadsby, David McPhail and Peter Rowley star in this wonderful homegrown series about the fortunes and misfortunes of Barry, Ray and Derek. Contai... Read more

Sleeping Dogs / Smash Palace (1977)

Director: Roger Donaldson
Starring: Sam Neill, Ian Mune, Nevan Rowe, Warren Oates, Bruno Lawrence, Anna Jemison, Kei...

Roger Donaldson's first two feature films in a special collection. "Sleeping Dogs" (1977, 105 mins.) - As the cities of New Zealand are torn apart by... Read more

Kiwi Country - New Zealand (2004)

"New Zealand - Kiwi Country" is an Award-winning documentary that takes you on a spectacular journey throughout this wonderful country. This programme... Read more

WOW: The World of Wearable Art Awards Show (2006)

Step into a world where art and the human form combine, where dance, music and lighting tell a story of the body as a canvas, where the lines of fashi... Read more

Flightless: Bill Hammond's Cure For Being A Kiwi (2007)

Director: Alan D'Arcy Erson
Starring: Ian Hughes

At war with his wife and disturbed by a chance encounter with a Hammond bird painting, Kevin McManus (Ian Hughes) goes on a journey of self discovery... Read more

Dead Kids (1981)

Director: Michael Laughlin
Starring: Michael Murphy, Louise Fletcher, Dan Shor, Fiona Lewis, Arthur Dignam

Aka "Strange Behavior". When corpses marked by strange stab wounds start appearing in a small Midwestern town, grisly murders are traced to experiment... Read more

The Best of Country Calendar (2004)

New Zealand's long-running farming tv series "Country Calendar" gets its own 'best of' compilation with this DVD containing six entertaining episodes.... Read more

Flatmates Wanted (2004)

Director: Gary Davies
Starring: Luke Hutching, Nick Broadhurst, Chris Yates

Shot on the smell of an oily rag and a few well-timed favours, this pants-wetting horror took just nineteen days in Wellington to get in the can, then... Read more

Behaviours of the Backpacker (2003)

Director: Sandor Lau
Starring: Sandor Lau

To make "Behaviours of the Backpacker", director Sandor Lau, a Chinese/Hungarian-American film student and Fulbright scholar, walked 500km alone from... Read more