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Cairo Time (2009)

Director: Ruba Nadda
Starring: Amina Annabi, Patricia Clarkson, Tom McCamus, Alexander Siddig, Elena Anaya

Patricia Clarkson (superb) stars as Juliette, a New York fashion editor who travels to Egypt for a vacation with her husband, a UN official. When he i... Read more

Control Room (2003)

Director: Jehane Noujaim

This bristling documentary about Al Jazeera, the satellite news network, during the American invasion of Iraq is a seminal film that explores how trut... Read more

Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

Director: Nadine Labaki
Starring: Nadine Labaki, Claude Baz Moussawbaa, Layla Hakim, Yvonne Maalouf

Christians and Muslims lived peacefully together for years in this small Lebanese village, but animosities begin to build among the men as a result of... Read more