The Story of the Spitfire: Power, Grace and Glory (1998)

The Spitfire is probably the most famous aircraft ever to fly. Synonymous with power, classic looks and a killer instinct, the Spitfire could outfly a... Read more

Justice League: The Brave and the Bold (2003)


The first of two power-packing plots pairs Green Lantern and The Flash against Gorilla Grodd, an evil genius primate with a mind-controlling device an... Read more

The Tibetan Book of the Dead (1994)

Director: Hiroaki Mota, Yukari Hayashi, Barrie Angus McLean

Death is real, it comes without warning and cannot be escaped. An ancient source of strength and guidance, "The Tibetan Book of the Dead" remains an e... Read more

Gotham Fish Tales (2003)

Director: Robert Maass

"Not just another fish story." Catch the subway to go fishing? Only in New York. A subway car turned into an artificial reef? Only in New York. Gotham... Read more

In the Land of the Deaf (1992)

Director: Nicolas Philibert

A.k.a. "Le Pays des Sourds". A quietly observational and at times magical documentary about a deaf community and the experience of deafness, as told b... Read more

ER: Season 2 (1995)

Director: Dean Parisot, Donna Deitch, Lesli Linka Glatter, Mimi Leder, Richard Thorpe, Thomas Schlamme, Felix Enriquez Alcala, Christopher Chulack, Anthony Edwards, Lance Gentile, Barnet Kellman
Starring: Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Noah Wyle, Julianna Marguli...

A stricken newborn, a 9-year-old pyromaniac, unimaginably mangled accident victims, a Santa-like toymaker, a nude singer of show tunes. - you never kn... Read more

The Four Minute Mile (1988)

Director: Jim Goddard
Starring: Nique Needles, Adrian Rawlins, Richard Wilson, John Philbin, Richard Huw, Michae...

It was the sporting equivalent of conquering Everest: running a mile in under four minutes. A feat long thought impossible, in 1954 two supremely gift... Read more

King Lear (Magee) (1974)

Starring: Patrick Magee, Wendy Allnut, Ray Smith, Ann Lynn

An ageing King Lear decides to divide his Kingdom between his three daughters, according to their proclaimed love for him. However, when his youngest... Read more

Dario Argento's World of Horror (1985)

Director: Michele Soavi
Starring: Jennifer Connelly, Dario Argento, Donald Pleasence, Karl Malden, Tom Savini, Mim...

Fasten your seatbelts - and prepare for a no-brakes, downhill plunge into the blood-soaked world of Italian Horror maestro Dario Argento. "World of Ho... Read more

Deep Blue (2003)

Director: Alastair Fothergill, Andy Byatt
Starring: Narrated by, Michael Gambon

A 'Travelling Birds' for the sea, 'Deep Blue' plunges you into an ocean spectacle, taking you on a journey from shallow coral reefs to the barren shor... Read more