I Am Sam (2001)

Director: Jessie Nelson
Starring: Sean Penn, Michelle Pfeiffer, Dianne Wiest, Richard Schiff, Dakota Fanning, Doug...

Sean Penn is Sam, a mentally challenged man who cleans tables at an LA coffeehouse and whose life is radically changed when the homeless woman living... Read more

Pink Flamingos (1972)

Director: John Waters
Starring: Divine, David Lochary, Edith Massey, Mary Vivian

John Water's notorious bad taste cult classic is back! Tells the delightfully disgusting story of Divine, the filthiest person alive, and her torrid r... Read more

Polyester (1981)

Director: John Waters
Starring: Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey, Mink Stole

Divine, Tab Hunter, Edith Massey star in John Water's outrageous melodrama - the daily life of a typical American housewife (Divine) who, despite havi... Read more

Lust in the Dust (1985)

Director: Paul Bartel
Starring: Divine, Tab Hunter, Lainie Kazan, Henry Silva

Gold fever has struck the wild western town of Chile Verde, where hard-living cowboys and hot-blooded wenches all lust for wealth and each other. But... Read more

Studio 54: The Documentary (2018)

Director: Matt Tyrnauer
Starring: Liza Minnelli, Divine, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson, Mikhail Baryshnikov

In 1977, New York night club Studio 54 opened its doors. Frequented by celebrity guests, the club became the place to be. A look underneath the glitz... Read more

Under California Stars (1948)

Director: William Witney
Starring: Roy Rogers, Andy Devine

That's where Roy Rogers' ranch is...and where some sidewindin' crockacrookas have kidnapped (horsenapped?) Trigger, holding the noble steed for a $100... Read more

Bells of San Angelo (1947)

Director: William Witney
Starring: Roy Rogers, Dale Evans, Andy Devine

This time its Dale Evans, playing an authoress of western novels, who outwits the bad guys. The first Rogers film with Andy Devine. Includes the songs... Read more

Female Trouble (1974)

Director: John Waters
Starring: Divine, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Mink Stole, Edith Massey

Divine is Dawn Davenport, teenage delinquent, unwed mother, working girl and murderer. Follow her outrageous life of violence and learn why crime is b... Read more

Trouble In Mind (1985)

Director: Alan Rudolph
Starring: Keith Carradine, Kris Kristofferson, Lori Singer, Genevieve Bujold, Joe Morton,...

The lives of an ex-con, a coffee-shop owner, and a young couple looking to make it rich intersect in the fictional and hypnotic Rain City. With Kris K... Read more

Waiting To Exhale (1995)

Director: Forest Whitaker
Starring: Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Loretta Devine

Four African-American women support and comfort each other through a year of romantic ups and downs. Whitney Houston, Angela Bassett, Lela Rochon and... Read more