Blood: Series 1 (2018)

Starring: Adrian Dunbar

Cat Hogan returns to West Meath upon her mother's sudden death - she has an accident at home and died (or was it an accident?). Blood is about old sec... Read more

The General (1998)

Director: John Boorman
Starring: Brendan Gleeson, Jon Voight, Adrian Dunbar

A gritty character study of a true-life Dublin working-class criminal known as the General. Writer/director John Boorman traces Martin Cahill's incred... Read more

Hear My Song (1991)

Director: Peter Chelsom
Starring: Ned Beatty, Adrian Dunbar, Shirley Anne Field

This acclaimed film follows a fast-talking Liverpool club owner who, in order to keep his dying nitespot and his girlfriend, tries to track down the f... Read more

Bitter Harvest (2001)

Director: Goran Paskaljevic
Starring: Colm Meaney, Cillian Murphy, Kerry Condon, Adrian Dunbar

Irish farmer Harry (Colm Meaney) has the rather odd idea that a man is measured by his enemies and decides to take on George, the most powerful man in... Read more

Melissa (1997)

Director: Bill Anderson
Starring: Adrian Dunbar, Jennifer Ehle, Julie Walters, Tim Dutton

Award-winning war correspondent Guy Foster, distraught after the loss of his first wife, joins a cruise to Cape Town, where he meets beautiful and mys... Read more

Mickybo and Me (2005)

Director: Terry Loane
Starring: John Jo McNeill, Niall Wright, Julie Walters, Adrian Dunbar

Set in the divided Belfast of 1970, this is the story of two young boys obsessed with 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid'. Based on Owen McCafferty'... Read more

Good Vibrations (2012)

Director: Lisa Barros D'sa, Glenn Leyburn
Starring: Adrian Dunbar, Karl Johnson, Liam Cunningham, Dylan Moran, Jodie Whittaker, Rich...

Terri Hooley is a radical, rebel and music-lover in 1970s Belfast, when the bloody conflict known as the Troubles shuts down his city. As all his frie... Read more

A Touch of Frost: Series 15 (Final) (2010)

Director: Paul Harrison
Starring: Adrian Dunbar, David Jason, Niamh Cusack, Phyllis Logan, John Lyons, Arthur Whit...

In the last ever episode Frost joins forces with RSPCA Inspector Christine Moorhead in a raid on a brutal dogfight, and there are unexpected and deadl... Read more

Kidnapped (2005)

Director: Brendan Maher
Starring: Adrian Dunbar, Iain Glen, Paul McCann, James Anthony Pearson, Kirstin Coulter Sm...

Iain Glen stars as Alan Breck and James Anthony Pearson as Davie Balfour in Stevenson's tale of treachery, romance and rebellion, along with Paul McGa... Read more

The Sinking of the Laconia (2010)

Director: Uwe Janson
Starring: Brian Cox, Franka Potente, Ken Duken, Lindsay Duncan, Andrew Buchan

On the 12th of September 1942, the Laconia - a cruise ship turned troop ship - was torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-156 commanded by Werner Ha... Read more