Persuasion (BBC) (1971)

Director: Howard Baker
Starring: Anne Firbank, Brian Marshall

This beautifully remastered dramatization conveys all the passions and frustrations of Jane Austen's most mature heroine. Anne Firbank and Brian Marsh... Read more

Brief Encounter (1974)

Director: Alan Bridges
Starring: Sophia Loren, Richard Burton, Rosemary Leach, Anne Firbank, Jack Kelly

This remake of the 1945 British masterpiece stars Sophia Loren as a bored married woman who embarks upon a brief romantic fling with an equally marrie... Read more

The Thief of Bagdad (Fairbanks) (1924)

Director: Raoul Walsh
Starring: Douglas Fairbanks, Snitz Edwards, Charles Belcher, Anna May Wong

A classic silent film with roguish pickpurse Douglas Fairbanks setting out on a dangerous quest to battle an evil warlord for the hand of beautiful pr... Read more

Moses (1996)

Director: Roger Young
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Frank Langella, Christopher Lee, Anna Galiena

When the Pharaoh Ramses calls for the death of all Hebrew children, a mother puts her son Moses in a basket and sends him down the Nile to save his li... Read more

The Waiting Room (2007)

Director: Roger Goldby
Starring: Anne-Marie Duff, Ralf Little, Rupert Graves, Zoe Telford, Frank Finlay, Phyllida...

A deft drama about love and loneliness in London with Anne-Marie Duff as Anna, a single mum who has a chance encounter with Stephen (Ralf Little) in a... Read more

Paradise Alley (1978)

Director: Sylvester Stallone
Starring: Sylvester Stallone, Kevin Conway, Anne Archer, Joe Spinell, Armand Assante, Lee...

Sylvester Stallone scores a knockout in this period drama about three brothers from New York's Hell's Kitchen who see the local wrestling hall, Paradi... Read more

End of Watch (2012)

Director: David Ayer
Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, America Ferrera, Michael Pena, Frank Grillo, Natalie Martinez,...

"Training Day" scripter David Ayer wrote and directed this harrowing police drama starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pena. In their mission to abide... Read more

Mother's Day (2010)

Director: Darren Lynn Bousman
Starring: Rebecca De Mornay, Jaime King, Frank Grillo, Matt O'Leary, Deborah Ann Woll

Veteran 'Saw' franchise helmer Darren Lynn Bousman continues his foray into the macabre with this remake of the 1980's Troma B-film 'Mother's Day'. Af... Read more

The Freshman (1990)

Director: Andrew Bergman
Starring: Marlon Brando, Matthew Broderick, Bruno Kirby, Penelope Ann Miller, Maximilian S...

This off-beat comedy stars Matthew Broderick as a N.Y. University film student who gets a summer job with an Italian-American importer who looks suspi... Read more

The Return of the Soldier (1981)

Director: Alan Bridges
Starring: Alan Bates, Julie Christie, Glenda Jackson, Ann-Margret , Ian Holm, Frank Finlay...

A riveting psychological drama about a soldier who experiences shell shock and amnesia during W.W. I and returns to his country estate without the mem... Read more