The Silence of the Lambs ( Blu-ray ) (1990)

Director: Jonathan Demme
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Scott Glenn, Ted Levine

Young FBI agent Clarice Starling is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice... Read more

Alexander Revisited: The Final Cut ( Blu-ray ) (2004)

Director: Oliver Stone
Starring: Colin Farrell, Angelina Jolie, Val Kilmer, Anthony Hopkins

This two disc set is apparently the final cut (the third thus far) and is arguably the best, with a more thorough - and therefore easier to follow - l... Read more

Proof (2005)

Director: John Madden
Starring: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jake Gyllenhaal, Anthony Hopkins, Hope Davis

Gwyneth Paltrow reprises her West End stage role as Catherine, the daughter of math genius, Anthony Hopkins. Before her father died he began to slip... Read more

The City of Your Final Destination (2009)

Director: James Ivory
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Laura Linney, Omar Metwally

An ambitious young scholar (Omar Metwally) travels to Uruguay to convince a deceased writer's family to award him permission to author a biography. Sh... Read more

360 (Blu-ray) (2011)

Director: Fernando Meirelles
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz, Ben Foster

Loosely based on Arthur Schnitzler's play "La Ronde", director Fernando Meirelles' ("The Constant Gardener") "360" is a kaleidoscopic drama about inte... Read more

The Edge (1997)

Director: Lee Tamahori
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Alec Baldwin, Elle Macpherson, Harold Perrineau

A plane crash in the freezing Alaskan wilderness pits intellectual billionaire Charles Morse (Anthony Hopkins) against self-satisfied fashion photogra... Read more

Bad Company (2002)

Director: Joel Schumacher
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Chris Rock, Peter Stormare, Gabriel Macht

When a CIA operative is killed during a nuclear arms sting, Agent Gaylord Oakes (Anthony Hopkins) recruits the dead man's twin brother, street hustler... Read more

The Looking Glass War (1969)

Director: Frank Pierson
Starring: Christopher Jones, Anthony Hopkins, Ralph Richardson, Pia Degermark

Based on the best-selling novel by John Le Carre, this gripping Cold War espionage-thriller, stars Christopher Jones as Polish defector Leiser who, in... Read more

The Rite (2011)

Director: Jim Gunn
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Ciaran Hinds, Rutger Hauer, Alice Braga

Based on actual events, this supernatural chiller follows seminary student Michael (Colin O'Donoghue) as he is sent to the Vatican to study exorcisms.... Read more

A Change of Seasons (1980)

Director: Richard Lang
Starring: Anthony Hopkins, Bo Derek, Mary Beth Hurt, Shirley MacLaine

Karen Evans (Shirley Maclaine) is the long-suffering wife of her college professor husband Adam (Anthony Hopkins). However, when Adam admits he has be... Read more