Cover Up (1949)

Director: Alfred E Green
Starring: Dennis O'Keefe, William Bendix, Barbara Britton

Sam Donovan (Dennis O'Keefe), an insurance detective investigating the suicide of a policy holder. All signs point to murder, but no one in the victim... Read more

Captain Kidd (1945)

Director: Rowland V Lee
Starring: Charles Laughton, Randolph Scott, John Carradine, Barbara Britton

Charles Laughton stars as the cruel, ruthless pirate, Captain Kidd. Despite his reputation, King William III enlists Kidd and his men to safeguard pas... Read more

The Virginian (1946)

Director: Stuart Gilmore
Starring: Brian Donlevy, Joel McCrea, Sonny Tufts, Barbara Britton, Fay Bainter, Tom Tully...

Joel McCrea stars as a local ranch hand who risks losing his best friend and the woman he loves when forced into a showdown with ruthless cattle thiev... Read more