Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1993)

Director: Duwayne Dunham
Starring: Robert Hays, Kim Greist, Jean Smart, Benj Thall

A magical live-action adventure from the Disney studios about a golden retriever, a cat and a bulldog puppy who are separated from their human family... Read more

Hell's Angels (1930)

Director: Howard Hughes
Starring: Jean Harlow, Ben Lyon, James Hall

A lavish and painstakingly authentic WWI drama that was, at the time, the most expensive movie ever made. Ben Lyon and James Hall are brothers at Oxfo... Read more

Lost Souls (2000)

Director: Janusz Kaminski
Starring: Winona Ryder, Ben Chaplin, John Hurt, Philip Baker Hall

Stylish shocker in which the Antichrist is about to hit Earth in a big way, beginning with the sudden and mysterious incapacitation of priest turned e... Read more

Dorian Gray (2009)

Director: Oliver Parker
Starring: Ben Chaplin, Caroline Goodall, Colin Firth, Fiona Shaw, Rebecca Hall, Ben Barnes...

Young Dorian Gray (Ben Barnes) arrives fresh on the London social scene and is taken under the wing of corrupt, devilish Lord Henry Wotton (Colin Firt... Read more

You Kill Me (2007)

Director: John Dahl
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Bill Pullman, Dennis Farina, Luke Wilson, Philip Baker Hall, Tea L...

Frank is a hired gun with a huge problem - he just slept through the biggest kill of his career. Now, at the order of his angry mob boss, Frank must l... Read more

Dexter: Season 1 (2006)

Starring: Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C Hall, James Remar, Erik King, Lauren V...

Orphaned at the age of four, Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is adopted by a police officer who recognizes his homicidal tendencies and guides him to... Read more

Dexter: Season 2 (2007)

Starring: Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Michael C Hall, James Remar, Erik King, Lauren V...

Pitch-perfect Michael C. Hall plays Dexter, the amiable forensic expert by day, who feeds his psychopathic bloodlust at night by hunting down the crim... Read more

Dexter: Season 3 (2008)

Starring: James Remar, Lauren Velez, C S Lee, David Zayas, Julie Benz, Michael C Hall, Jen...

Dexter is back and more killer than ever! The groundbreaking and critically acclaimed original series from Showtime returns with all 12 thrilling and... Read more

Paycheck (2003)

Director: John Woo
Starring: Ben Affleck, Aaron Eckhart, Uma Thurman, Paul Giamatti, Colm Feore, Joe Morton,...

In this sci-fi thriller adapted from a story by Philip K. Dick, Ben Affleck plays a corporate espionage electronics whiz offered a vast sum by old pal... Read more

The Town (2010)

Director: Ben Affleck
Starring: Ben Affleck, Chris Cooper, Pete Postlethwaite, Rebecca Hall, Jon Hamm, Titus Wel...

Ben Affleck co-wrote, directed, and stars in this crime thriller about a Boston bank robber who falls for a hostage (Rebecca Hall) he took while weari... Read more