Wonders of Life (2013)

Starring: Professor Brian Cox

In this beautiful and acclaimed series, Professor Brian Cox tells the 3.7 billion year story of how a few basic ingredients gave birth to the complex... Read more

Human Universe (2014)

Director: Nat Sharman, Stephen Cooter, Annabel Gillings
Starring: Professor Brian Cox

Asking the big questions. This is the story of humanity, told through the greatest questions we've ever asked. Where are we in the Universe? What is t... Read more

The Carer (2016)

Director: Janos Edelenyi
Starring: Brian Cox, Roger Moore, Anna Chancellor, Emilia Fox, Coco Konig

The Carer, made by Hungarian director Janos Edelenyi, is notable as a showcase for Brian Cox, who plays Sir Michael Gifford, a retired Shakespearean... Read more

After Braveheart ( aka After Bannockburn ) (2015)

Starring: Narrated by, Brian Cox

In 1314, the Scots finally defeated their English oppressors at the Battle of Bannockburn. This monumental victory should have ensured Scottish freedo... Read more

Ironclad (Blu-ray) (2011)

Starring: Paul Giamatti, Jason Flemyng, Brian Cox

In thirteenth-century England, a Knights Templar and a few of the Barons men fight to defend Rochester Castle against the tyrannical King John. Read more

The Slap (2015)

Starring: Brian Cox, Melissa George, Lucas Hedges

A family drama that explodes from one small incident where a man slaps another couple's misbehaving child. This seemingly minor domestic dispute pulls... Read more

Churchill (2017)

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky
Starring: Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, John Slattery

Tensions mount for beleaguered British Prime Minister Winston Churchill as D-Day nears in June 1944. Fearful of repeating past mistakes, Churchill is... Read more

The Boxer (1997)

Director: Jim Sheridan
Starring: Daniel Day-Lewis, Emily Watson, Brian Cox

'In the Name of the Father's' Daniel Day-Lewis and director Jim Sheridan reteam on the story of an Irish Boxer imprisoned 14 years for his ties to the... Read more

The Rookie (2002)

Director: John Lee Hancock
Starring: Dennis Quaid, Rachel Griffiths, Jay Hernandez, Brian Cox

In this inspiring true story, Dennis Quaid is Jim Morris, a Texas science teacher whose once-promising baseball career was curtailed because of a shou... Read more

Blood (2012)

Director: Nick Murphy
Starring: Brian Cox, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany, Stephen Graham

When a shocking murder is committed in their small town, the Fairburn brothers (Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham) are detectives who will do whatever i... Read more