Persuasion (BBC) (1971)

Director: Howard Baker
Starring: Anne Firbank, Brian Marshall

This beautifully remastered dramatization conveys all the passions and frustrations of Jane Austen's most mature heroine. Anne Firbank and Brian Marsh... Read more

The Long Good Friday (1980)

Director: John MacKenzie
Starring: Bob Hoskins, Bryan Marshall, Eddie Constantine, Helen Mirren

Bob Hoskins, in his breakthrough film role, stars as a London racketeer fast losing control of his gangland empire; Helen Mirren shines as his classy... Read more

Day of the Outlaw (1959)

Director: Andre De Toth
Starring: Alan Marshal, Burl Ives, Robert Ryan, Tina Louise

Robert Ryan and Burl Ives star in this gritty western set in an isolated, snow-covered town. A community of ranchers is put to the test when a gang of... Read more

The Punisher (1989)

Director: Mark Goldblatt
Starring: Barry Otto, Bryan Marshall, Dolph Lundgren, Jeroen Krabbe, Kim Miyori, Louis Gos...

Inspired by the infamous Marvel Comic Book anti-hero, The Punisher is a dark and brooding action packed trip into the violent underworld of crime. Whe... Read more

True Blood: Season 3 (2010)

Starring: Anna Paquin, Marshall Allman, Sam Trammell, Rutina Wesley, Stephen Moyer, Chris...

In Bon Temps, everyone has something to hide. But when new threats emerge, no one can conceal the secrets of their past. After Sookie discovers that B... Read more