Truce (2005)

Director: Matthew Marconi
Starring: Brad Johnson, George Kennedy, Michaela Lange, Buck Taylor, Samantha Droke

A modern-day western set in Northern California that revolves around Harry Dodds (Buck Taylor) who is struggling to make ends meet whilst raising his... Read more

Jericho (2000)

Director: Merlin Miller
Starring: Mark Valley, Leon Coffee, R Lee Ermey, Lisa Stewart, Mark Collie, Morgana Shaw,...

Jericho (Mark Valley) is a man haunted by a past he can't remember. Conked on the head with a shotgun eight years earlier, he's been on the run ever... Read more

Miracle at Sage Creek (2005)

Director: James Intveld
Starring: David Carradine, Wes Studi, Michael Parks, Tim Abell, Sarah Aldrich, Irene Bedar...

Aka "Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek". Set in the majestic Wyoming countryside of 1888, this family-oriented Western drama tells the story of a bitter... Read more