Delirious (1991)

Director: Tom Mankiewicz
Starring: John Candy, Mariel Hemingway, Emma Samms, Raymond Burr

When TV soap writer John Candy wakes up from a bump on the noggin, he finds himself trapped in the fictional town he's created, able to change events... Read more

The Cars That Ate Paris / The Plumber (1974)

Director: Peter Weir
Starring: John Meillon, Terry Camilleri, Kevin Miles, Judy Morris, Ivar Kants, Candy Raymo...

A classic double feature from acclaimed director Peter Weir. "The Cars That Ate Paris" (1974) - Australian director Peter Weir's first feature is a de... Read more

Freedom (1981)

Director: Scott Hicks
Starring: Jon Blake, Candy Raymond, Jad Capelja, Charles Tingwell, Max Cullen, Chris Haywo...

The first film from Australian director Scott Hicks ('Shine') is the tale of a no-hoper with a big dream - driving down the road in a Porsche, with a... Read more

The Romance of Astrea and Celadon (2007)

Director: Eric Rohmer
Starring: Cecile Cassel, Andy Gillet, Veronique Reymond, Stephanie Crayencour

Veteran auteur Eric Rohmer's magical and extraordinary final film is a pastoral fantasy set in 5th century Gaul, based on a 17th century novel by Hono... Read more

The Great Bookie Robbery (1987)

Director: Marcus Cole, Mark Joffe
Starring: John Bach, Gary Sweet, Bruno Lawrence, Madeleine Blackwell, Gary Day, Catherine...

On 21st April 1976, gunmen held up Melbourne's venerable Victorian club, escaping with several million dollars in untraceable cash. The robbery had be... Read more

Koma (2004)

Director: Chi-Leung Law
Starring: Angelica Lee, Kar Yan Lam, Andy Chi-On Hui, Roy Chow, Raymond Wong

At a wedding reception Chi-ching walks in on a woman covered in blood crawling along the bathroom floor. Her kidneys have been removed, supposedly fo... Read more

Great Aussie Icons - Bryan Brown in... Stir / Money Movers (1979)

Director: Bruce Beresford, Stephen Wallace
Starring: Bryan Brown, Dennis Miller, Phil Motherwell, Terence Donovan, Tony Bonner, Alan...

Among the best-loved Australian actors of his generation, the legendary Bryan Brown has lent his acerbic, tough-guy persona to a host of classic local... Read more

Centennial (1978)

Director: Paul Krasny, Bernard McEveety
Starring: Dennis Weaver, Lynn Redgrave, Mark Harmon, Raymond Burr, Richard Chamberlain, Ro...

Journey to the Wild West in this sprawling epic saga of the town of Centennial, Colorado. Relive the grand hopes, dreams, loves, and adventures of gen... Read more

Not Quite Hollywood: The Wild, Untold Story of Ozploitation! (2008)

Director: Mark Hartley
Starring: Barry Crocker, Barry Humphries, Dennis Hopper, George Lazenby, Gregory Harrison,...

Celebrating a time when Australian cinema got its gear off and showed the world a full-frontal explosion of sex, violence, horror and pedal-to-the-met... Read more