Japon (2002)

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Starring: Magdelena Flores, Alejandro Ferretis

Mexican director Carlos Reygadas' first film is a poetic, existential drama exploring life, death, truth and redemption by following a suicidal old ma... Read more

Silent Light (2007)

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Starring: Cornelio Wall Fehr, Maria Pankratz, Miriam Toews, Peter Wall, Jacobo Klassen, El...

A transcendent meditation on love and religion, filmed in Northern Mexico by native auteur Carlos Reygadas ('Battle in Heaven'). The story revolves ar... Read more

Battle in Heaven (2005)

Director: Carlos Reygadas
Starring: Marcos Hernandez, Anapola Mushkadiz, Bertha Ruiz, David Bornstein

Marcos is the chauffeur of a general with a secret that only he and his wife know - they kidnapped a baby for ransom, and the child died in their care... Read more