A Delicate Balance (1973)

Director: Tony Richardson
Starring: Betsy Blair, Joseph Cotten, Katharine Hepburn, Lee Remick, Paul Scofield, Kate R...

Involving drama, based on Edward Albee's Pulitzer Prize-winning play with Katharine Hepburn and Paul Scofield as an upper-middle class couple whose qu... Read more

Roman Polanski: A Film Memoir (2011)

Starring: Roman Polanski, Catherine Deneuve, Emmanuelle Seigner, Sharon Tate

A documentary about Roman Polanski, the man and filmmaker. Roman Polanski speaks about his eventful life story and career in conversation with Andrew... Read more

SuperBob (2015)

Director: Jon Drever
Starring: Ruth Sheen, Catherine Tate, David Harewood, Laura Haddock, Natalia Tena, Brett G...

Six years ago, Robert Kenner, a mild-mannered postman from Peckham, South London was struck by a meteor which bestowed him with super powers. Today, B... Read more

Steve Jobs (2015)

Director: Danny Boyle
Starring: Jeff Daniels, Kate Winslet, Michael Fassbender, Seth Rogen, Michael Stuhlbarg, K...

Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution, to paint a portrait of the man at its epicenter. The story unfolds backstage at three... Read more

Big School: Series 1 (2013)

Starring: Frances de la Tour, David Walliams, Catherine Tate, Philip Glenister

Chemistry teacher Mr Church is in his 40s, unsuccessful both in love and in engaging 30 teenage kids in his madcap experiments. Everything changes whe... Read more

Space: 1999 - Series 1 (1975)

Starring: Barbara Bain, Barry Morse, Martin Landau, Nick Tate, Catherine Schell, Zienia Me...

A nuclear waste dump on the moon unexpectedly detonates, blasting the moon out of orbit and taking the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha on a fantastic vo... Read more

The Catherine Tate Show: Series 3 (2008)

Starring: Catherine Tate

From 'Am I bovvered?' teenage nightmare Lauren to the seemingly pleasant 'Cockney Nan', who just happens to be a foul-mouthed racist. This brilliantly... Read more

Doctor Who: Series 4, Volume 4 (2008)

Starring: Freema Agyeman, John Barrowman, Elisabeth Sladen, Catherine Tate, David Tennant,...

More adventures with The Doctor, Donna and other familiar faces... "Turn Left": What would happen if Donna never met the Doctor? How would Earth handl... Read more

Doctor Who: Series 4, Volume 3 (2008)

Starring: David Tennant, Alex Kingston, Colin Salmon, Billie Piper, Catherine Tate

Contains three episodes: 'Silence in the Library' - The Doctor and Donna enter a world of terror inside an abandoned library. They're given only one w... Read more

Doctor Who: Series 4, Volume 2 (2008)

Starring: David Tennant, Catherine Tate, Freema Agyeman

Series 4 continues with four episodes. 'The Sontaran Stratagem' - Martha Jones summons the Doctor back to modern-day Earth, but an old enemy lies in w... Read more