Alien 3 (1992)

Director: David Fincher
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dance, Charles S Dutton, Lance Henriksen

This third installment in the hit series finds Sigourney Weaver's weary Ripley landing on a dark prison planet inhabited by male criminals, killers an... Read more

Alien 3 (Blu-Ray) (1992)

Director: David Fincher
Starring: Sigourney Weaver, Charles Dance, Charles S Dutton, Lance Henriksen

INCLUDES BOTH THEATRICAL CUT AND ASSEMBLY CUT. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) is the only survivor when she crash lands on Fiorina 161, a bleak wa... Read more

Spitfire (2018)

Director: Ant Palmer, David Fairhead
Starring: Charles Dance

The story of the fighter plane and pilots that helped win the Battle of Britain in World War II. Read more

Fallen Angel (2006)

Director: David Drury
Starring: Charles Dance, Emilia Fox

Emilia Fox stars as Rosemary, the beautiful but disturbed daughter of an English vicar (Charles Dance). Part family saga, part crime drama, 'Fallen An... Read more

The Golden Child (1986)

Director: Michael Ritchie
Starring: Eddie Murphy, Charlotte Lewis, Charles Dance

As "The Chosen One", Eddie Murphy's on a madcap mission to save "The Golden Child", a youth with mystical powers who's been abducted by an evil cult.... Read more

Patrick (2013)

Director: Mark Hartley
Starring: Charles Dance, Rachel Griffiths, Sharni Vinson

After killing his mother and her lover some years before, Patrick is the comatose patient in room 15 of a remote, private psychiatric clinic run by th... Read more

Neverland (2011)

Director: Nick Willing
Starring: Anna Friel, Bob Hoskins, Charles Dance, Rhys Ifans, Keira Knightley, Charlie Row...

The Peter Pan legend gets a swashbuckling retooling in this television miniseries that turns Peter (Charlie Rowe) into a turn-of-the-century London pi... Read more

Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The (2000)

Director: Stephen Whittaker
Starring: Charles Dance, James D'Arcy, Pam Ferris, Gregor Fisher

From Charles Dickens' classic novel: The death of their father has thrown the Nickleby family into chaos. They are forced to beg for protection from M... Read more

Dracula Untold (2014)

Director: Gary Shore
Starring: Charles Dance, Dominic Cooper, Luke Evans, Sarah Gadon

The year is 1462 and Transylvania has enjoyed a prolonged period of peace under the just and fair rule of the battle-weary Vlad III (Luke Evans), the... Read more

China Moon (1994)

Director: John Bailey
Starring: Benicio Del Toro, Charles Dance, Ed Harris, Madeleine Stowe

Ed Harris plays a detective who investigates a murder involving beautiful Madeline Stowe. This sexy and steamy thriller builds an atmosphere of erotic... Read more