Bromo and Juliet (1926)

Director: Leo McCarey
Starring: Charley Chase, Oliver Hardy, Corliss Palmer

Star of the Hal Roach studios, Charley Chase is the main player in these two two-reelers, the first of which 'Bromo and Juliet' sees him reluctantly t... Read more

Laurel & Hardy: The Original Brats (1930)

Director: Hal Roach
Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase

This collection includes the original version of 'Brats', unseen since it was amended for re-issue in the late 1930s. Alongside are three related Hal... Read more

Seems Like Old Times (1980)

Director: Jay Sandrich
Starring: Goldie Hawn, Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin

Adapted from Neil Simon's play Chevy Chase is a novelist abducted by criminals and made to be the fall guy for a bank robbery. After his arrest he es... Read more

Sons of the Desert (1933)

Director: William A Seiter
Starring: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Charley Chase, Mae Busch

Laurel and Hardy attend a convention of the fraternal order of the Sons of the Desert without letting their wives know the real reason for their absen... Read more

The First Kings of Comedy Collection (1957)

Director: Robert Youngson
Starring: Ben Turpin, Buster Keaton, Carole Lombard, Charley Chase, Charlie Chaplin, Harry...

Famed documentarian Robert Youngson presents a pair of documentaries that celebrate the era of silent slapstick comedy. First, "The Golden Age of Come... Read more