Rumble in Hong Kong (1974)

Director: Hdeng Tsu
Starring: Jackie Chan, John Chang, Charlie Chin, Phoenix Chen

Before "The Bronx" Jackie Chan displayed his prowess as the bodyguard of a Hong Kong gangster who goes against a tough female cop in order to protect... Read more

Jackie Chan's First Strike (1996)

Director: Stanley Tong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Chen Chun Wu, Jackson Lou

Hong Kong's most physically agile cop finds himself in James Bond-like intrigue involving the CIA, Russian Mafia, a nuclear device and a beautiful scu... Read more

The Golden Lotus (1974)

Director: Han Hsiang Li
Starring: Ping Chen, Ching Hu, Tanny Ni Tien, Kwan Yeung, Jackie Chan, Shen Chan

In this period sexploitation drama based on a famous erotic novel also titled "The Golden Lotus", Yang Chun is a famous Sung Dynasty lothario whose qu... Read more

Once a Gangster (2010)

Director: Felix Chong
Starring: Ekin Cheng, Jordan Chan

Out-of-touch gangsters Brisket (Jordan Chan) and Sparrow (Ekin Cheng) are compelled by their respective elders to run for the Dragon Head position in... Read more

Journey to the West: Conquering the Demons (2013)

Director: Stephen Chow
Starring: Shu Qi, Zhang Wen, Bo Huang, Show Luo, Shing-Cheung Lee, Bingqiang Chen, Sihan C...

This is a world plagued by demons, who cause its human inhabitants unspeakable suffering. Young demon hunter Xuan Zang, fearlessly guided by his belie... Read more

Vulgaria (2012)

Director: Ho-Cheung Pang
Starring: Chapman To, Ronald Cheng, Dada Chan

To Wai-cheung (Chapman To), a long-time film producer, has yet to produce anything resembling a hit. Beset by financial troubles, he agrees to recreat... Read more

Crime Story (1986)

Director: Kirk Wong
Starring: Jackie Chan, Kent Cheng, Christine Ng

Based on a real life event in Hong Kong concerning the kidnapping of a Chinese businessman. Jackie Chan plays a policeman assigned the job of tracking... Read more

Monkey: Journey to the West (1967)

Director: Ho Meng-hua
Starring: Angela Yu Chien, Cheng Pei-Pei, Chow Lung-Cheung

Born from an egg on a mountain top, the monkiest monkey there ever was... Brought to popularity by the 1970s television show 'Monkey', the story of th... Read more

Encounters of the Spooky Kind (1980)

Director: Sammo Hung
Starring: Sammo Hung, Chung Fat, Chan Lung

Action legend Sammo Hung re-invented action-comedy by combining it with supernatural horror in this inventive and incredible showcase of his martial a... Read more

1911: Revolution (2011)

Director: Jackie Chan, Zhang Li
Starring: Jackie Chan, Jiang Wu, Joan Chen, Ning Jing, Sun Chun, Winston Chao, Duobuji , J...

Aka "Xinhai Geming". Martial arts legend Jackie Chan reaches his 100th film milestone with this historical drama set in the year 1911, as the Chinese... Read more