Lady Macbeth (2016)

Director: William Oldroyd
Starring: Christopher Fairbank, Paul Hilton, Florence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis

In rural England, 1865, a woman who is trapped in a loveless marriage to a much older man begins a passionate affair with a man her own age. Read more

The Bunker (2000)

Director: Rob Green
Starring: Charley Boorman, Jason Flemyng, Jack Davenport, Christopher Fairbank, John Carli...

A detachment of battle weary German soldiers retreating from the advancing Allied forces, takes refuge in an isolated anti tank bunker. Dangerously lo... Read more

The Scarlet Pimpernel (1999)

Director: Graham Theakston, Simon Langton, Patrick Lau
Starring: Richard E Grant, Elizabeth McGovern, Martin Shaw, Anthony Green, Ronan Vibert, C...

Filmed in Prague for its similarity to 18th Century revolutionary Paris (and lack of satellite dishes), this BBC mini-series of Baroness Emmuska Orzcy... Read more

Auf Wiedersehen Pet: Series 1 (1983)

Starring: Tim Healy, Timothy Spall, Jimmy Nail, Kevin Whately, Christopher Fairbank, Pat R...

The award-winning British comedy-drama about a gang of Northern builders who take a job in Germany won the hearts and minds of viewers with its pitch-... Read more