Star 80 (1983)

Director: Bob Fosse
Starring: Mariel Hemingway, Eric Roberts, Cliff Robertson

The story of Playmate of the Year, Dorothy Stratten (Mariel Hemingway) and her tragic murder is brought to the screen in a mesmerizing, no holds barre... Read more

Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken (1991)

Director: Steve Miner
Starring: Gabrielle Anwar, Cliff Robertson, Michael Schoeffling

This gem in the slim world of quality family entertainment is based on the inspiring true story of Sonora Webster, a teenaged orphan who follows her d... Read more

Charly (1968)

Director: Ralph Nelson
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom, Lilia Skala

When a mentally retarded man named Charly (Cliff Robertson) undergoes experimental brain surgery, he is miraculously freed from the prison of his own... Read more

Shaker Run (1985)

Director: Bruce Morrison
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Leif Garrett, Lisa Harrow

A seasoned stunt-car driver and his mechanic are finding things at low ebb in Dunedin. In return for needed cash they agree to provide transport to Cl... Read more

The Devil's Brigade (1968)

Director: Andrew V McLaglen
Starring: William Holden, Cliff Robertson, Vince Edwards

William Holden is a tough, level-headed lieutenant colonel assigned to form a crack unit of fighting men out of a band of misfit American soldiers and... Read more

The Best Man (1964)

Director: Franklin J Schaffner
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Henry Fonda, Eddie Adams

Timelessly hilarious and disturbingly relevant, this 1964 adaptation of Gore Vidal's play shows the bitter fight between two political hopefuls at the... Read more

Obsession (1975)

Director: Brian De Palma
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Genevieve Bujold, John Lithgow

In this elegant thriller Cliff Robertson stars as a man who feels responsible for the death of his wife in a kidnapping tragedy, and seeks to resurrec... Read more

Brainstorm (1983)

Director: Douglas Trumbull
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher

Special-effects wizard Douglas Trumbull directed this technological thriller about a device that enables one to experience someone else's thoughts and... Read more

The Honey Pot (1967)

Director: Joseph L Mankiewicz
Starring: Capucine, Cliff Robertson, Maggie Smith, Rex Harrison, Susan Hayward

Rex Harrison stars as international playboy Cecil Fox, who decides to pretend he's dying in order to find out what his three old flames will do. He su... Read more

Class (1983)

Director: Lewis John Carlino
Starring: Rob Lowe, Jacqueline Bisset, Andrew McCarthy, Cliff Robertson

When wealthy prep-school senior Skip (Rob Lowe) learns that his shy new roommate Jonathan (Andrew McCarthy) is a total loser at romance, he sends the... Read more