Auntie Mame (1958)

Director: Morton DaCosta
Starring: Rosalind Russell, Forrest Tucker, Coral Browne

Rosalind Russell re-creates her Broadway triumph as the flashy, lovably eccentric socialite who takes her orphaned nephew under her wing and shows him... Read more

The Killing Of Sister George (1968)

Director: Robert Aldrich
Starring: Beryl Reid, Susannah York, Coral Browne

About a soap opera actress (Beryl Reid) who fears her character 'Sister George' is due to be 'killed'. The story follows her deteriorating relationshi... Read more

Dreamchild (1985)

Director: Gavin Millar
Starring: Jane Asher, Coral Browne, Peter Gallagher, Ian Holm, Amelia Shankley

The enchanting, critically-acclaimed story of Alice Hargreaves, the inspiration for Lewis Carroll's 'Alice In Wonderland'. On a visit to New York in t... Read more

The Roman Spring of Mrs Stone (1961)

Director: Jose Quintero
Starring: Vivien Leigh, Warren Beatty, Lotte Lenya, Jill St John, Coral Browne

Vivien Leigh stars as a middle-aged actress whose husband dies on their way to an Italian vacation. Electing to remain in Rome, Leigh's trip takes an... Read more

Dr Crippen (1962)

Director: Robert Lynn
Starring: Coral Browne, Donald Pleasence, James Robertson Justice, Samantha Eggar

The true story of American-born Dr. Hawley Harvey Crippen (Donald Pleasence ), who was hanged in London in 1910 for poisoning his wife, Belle (Coral B... Read more

Let George Do It! (1940)

Director: Marcel Varnel
Starring: George Formby, Phyllis Calvert, Garry Marsh, Romney Brent, Bernard Lee, Coral Br...

One of British comedian George Formby's most successful films, in this war-time musical he plays ukelele-ist George Hepplewhite who gets on a boat thi... Read more

Mrs Warren's Profession / You Never Can Tell (1972)

Director: James Cellan Jones
Starring: Coral Browne, Penelope Wilton, Robert Powell, Richard Pearson, James Grout, Dere...

Written in 1893, though not performed until 1902 due to government censorship 'Mrs Warren's Profession' scandalized Victorian England. This BBC produ... Read more

Bernard Shaw Collection: Vol. 1 (1989)

Director: David Jones, Desmond Davis, Herbert Wise, James Cellan Jones
Starring: Coral Browne, Penelope Wilton, James Grout, Derek Godfrey, Robert Powell, Helena...

This collection of BBC adaptations brings to life the memorable characterizations, brilliant command of language, and dazzling wit of Bernard Shaw's c... Read more