Fire in the Sky (1993)

Director: Robert Lieberman
Starring: D B Sweeney, Robert Patrick, Craig Sheffer

UFO buffs should get a lift out of this dramatization of the alleged abduction of Travis Walton - allegedly based on fact. Contains a genuinely freaky... Read more

Dinosaur (2000)

Director: Ralph Zondag, Eric Leighton
Starring: Voices Of, Ossie Davis, Joan Plowright, D B Sweeney

Disney's spectacular computer-animated adventure is set 65 million years ago at the end of the Age of Reptiles, as an abandoned baby iguanadon named A... Read more

Spawn (1997)

Director: Mark A Z Dippe
Starring: John Leguizamo, Michael Jai White, Martin Sheen, Theresa Randle, Nicol Williamso...

Five years after being murdered by corrupt colleagues in a covert government agency, Al Simmons (Michael Jai White) makes a Faustian pact with the dev... Read more

Gardens of Stone (1987)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Starring: James Caan, Anjelica Huston, James Earl Jones, D B Sweeney, Dean Stockwell, Mary...

James Caan is a career soldier assigned to the Burial Detail of the Arlington National Cemetry. It's 1968 and he is getting more business than he woul... Read more

Speak (2004)

Director: Jessica Sharzer
Starring: Kristen Stewart, Robert John Burke, Eric Lively, Elizabeth Perkins, D B Sweeney,...

Based on the celebrated novel by Laurie Halse Anderson, this powerful drama follows high school freshman Melinda as she becomes traumatized following... Read more

Lonesome Dove: The Complete Miniseries (1989)

Director: Simon Wincer
Starring: Robert Duvall, Danny Glover, Anjelica Huston, Tommy Lee Jones, Robert Urich, Fre...

Hailed as a masterpiece by critics and audiences alike, 'Lonesome Dove' brings to life all the magnificent drama and romance of the West. Winner of se... Read more