Die Monster Die (1965)

Director: Daniel Haller
Starring: Boris Karloff, Nick Adams, Suzan Farmer

Nahum Witley (Boris Karloff) is a scientist whose family harvested a radioactive meteor when it plummeted to the Earth, two generations ago. Believing... Read more

Ballets Russes (2005)

Director: Dayna Goldfine, Daniel Geller

A rich tapestry woven from a treasure trove of archival gems and new documentary footage, forms the backbone of this entrancing ode to the revolutiona... Read more

The Galapagos Affair: Satan Came to Eden (2013)

Director: Dayna Goldfine, Daniel Geller

Darwin meets Hitchcock in this true-crime tale of paradise found and lost, a fascinating documentary portrait of a 1930s murder mystery as strange and... Read more

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season 1 (1979)

Director: Daniel Haller, Dick Lowry, Michael Caffey
Starring: Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Tim O'Connor, Mel Blanc, Pamela Hensley, Wilfrid Hyde-Whi...

Buck Rogers (Gil Gerard) is a 20th century astronaut who becomes frozen in space only to be rescued and thawed out 500 years later. Now Buck is enlist... Read more

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century: Season 2 (1981)

Director: Daniel Haller, Jack Arnold, Bernard McEveety, Victor French
Starring: Mel Blanc, Gil Gerard, Erin Gray, Sid Haig, Dennis Haysbert, Wilfrid Hyde-White,...

Captain William 'Buck' Rogers is back for season two of the popular sci-fi series in which he, Wilma and Twiki (voiced by the fabulous Mel Blanc) join... Read more

Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

Director: George Miller, Joe Dante, John Landis, Steven Spielberg
Starring: Dan Aykroyd, Albert Brooks, John Lithgow, Vic Morrow, Kathleen Quinlan

An enjoyable tribute to the 60s TV series by Rod Serling. Four stories directed by John Landis ('Prologue', 'Time Out'), Steven Spielberg ('Kick the C... Read more

ER: Season 1 (1994)

Director: Charles Haid, Donna Deitch, Mimi Leder, Quentin Tarantino, Rod Holcomb, Daniel Sackheim, James Hayman, Mark Tinker, Elodie Keene, Vern Gillum, Anita W Addison, Christopher Chulack, Fred Gerber
Starring: Anthony Edwards, George Clooney, Sherry Stringfield, Noah Wyle, Julianna Marguli...

The Emmy-winning medical drama detailing the professional and personal travails of the staff at Chicago County General Hospital's emergency room debut... Read more