Love Live Long (2008)

Director: Mike Figgis
Starring: Daniel Lapaine, Sophie Winkleman

Mike Figgis pushes the boundaries of cinema with this experimental digital feature about a chance encounter in Turkey. Originally approached to make a... Read more

The Abduction Club (2002)

Director: Stefan Schwartz
Starring: Alice Evans, Daniel Lapaine, Sophia Myles, Matthew Rhys, Liam Cunningham, Edward...

Fast and furious period romp inspired by real events in 18th century Ireland. Byrne (Daniel Lapaine) and Strang (Matthew Rhys) are two handsome, witty... Read more

Invasion: The Complete Series (2005)

Starring: William Fichtner, Kari Matchett, Eddie Cibrian, Lisa Sheridan, Tyler Labine, Ale...

From creator Shaun Cassidy ('American Gothic') comes this supernatural horror/thriller series, set in a small Florida town in the wake of a devastatin... Read more