The Outsider (2002)

Director: Randa Haines
Starring: David Carradine, Keith Carradine, Naomi Watts, Tim Daly

After her husband is killed by land-seizing ranchers, Amish homestead owner Naomi Watts encounters wounded gunfighter Tim Daly. While nursing the myst... Read more

Kung Fu: A Legend Reborn (1992)

Director: Jud Taylor
Starring: David Carradine, Chris Potter

David Carradine, star of the 70's TV series, reprises his role as Caine, the mysterious Shaolin champion who lives by his deepest spiritual beliefs th... Read more

Q - The Winged Serpent (1982)

Director: Larry Cohen
Starring: David Carradine, Michael Moriarty, Candy Clark

Aka: 'The Winged Serpent'. An ex-junkie stumbles on a nest of Quetzelcoatl's (the flying serpent god of the Aztecs) following a series of ritualistic... Read more

Boxcar Bertha (1972)

Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Barry Primus

An early effort by Martin Scorsese, with Barbara Hershey, David Carradine, Barry Primus and Bernie Casey. The film is set at a railroad yard during th... Read more

The McMasters (1970)

Director: Alf Kjellin
Starring: Burl Ives, Brock Peters, David Carradine

Set in the immediate post-Civil War era, The McMasters stars Brock Peters as a black Union soldier who finds he must figuratively fight the war all ov... Read more

Dead and Breakfast (2004)

Director: Matthew Leutwyler
Starring: Jeremy Sisto, Oz Perkins, Ever Carradine, Erik Palladino, David Carradine

A group of six young friends get sidetracked on a road trip, finding themselves trapped at a sinister inn where they are soon up to their necks in fle... Read more

Kung Fu: The Movie (1986)

Director: Richard Lang
Starring: David Carradine, Brandon Lee, Mako , Keye Luke

David Carradine reprises his role as Kwai Chang Caine, caught up in a battle with a Chinese warlord who's shipping opium to America and a search for a... Read more

The Long Riders (1980)

Director: Walter Hill
Starring: David Carradine, Keith Carradine, Robert Carradine, James Keach, Stacy Keach, De...

Called 'the best directed American movie of the year' by David Denby (New York), 'The Long Riders' uses four theatrical families to tell the James Bro... Read more

Brothers in Arms (2005)

Director: Jean-Claude La Marre
Starring: David Carradine, Kenya Moore, Gabriel Casseus, Kurupt

Set at the end of the Civil War, this wildly inventive western follows a band of outlaws as they plan a daring bank heist in a small lawless town. Qui... Read more

Bird On A Wire (1990)

Director: John Badham
Starring: Mel Gibson, Goldie Hawn, David Carradine, Bill Duke

This chase comedy finds Mel Gibson and Goldie Hawn on the run from a group of dangerous drug dealers who'll stop at nothing to eliminate them. Read more

Kung Fu: Season 2 (1973)

Starring: David Carradine, Keye Luke, Philip Ahn, Radames Pera

The adventure continues for Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine), a Shaolin priest trained in the wisdom and warfare of China's ancients and following h... Read more

Kung Fu: Season 1 (1972)

Starring: David Carradine, Philip Ahn, Keye Luke, Radames Pera

He is a man of peace in a violent land. He is Kwai Chang Caine (David Carradine), schooled in the spirit-mind-body ways of the Shaolin priesthood by t... Read more

The Serpent's Egg (1977)

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Starring: David Carradine, Gert Frobe, James Whitmore, Liv Ullmann

Set in Berlin in 1923, the film is about a Jewish-American trapeze artist (David Carradine) and his sister-in-law (Liv Ullman), who are entrapped by a... Read more

Last Goodbye (2004)

Director: Jacob Gentry
Starring: David Carradine, Faye Dunaway, Maggie Blye, Clementine Ford, Chris Rydell

Rich, character-driven drama finds the lives of six people converging over the course of a sweltering summer day. A successful TV actress (Clementine... Read more

Battletruck / Deathsport (1982)

Director: Allan Arkush, Harley Cokliss, Henry Suso
Starring: Annie McEnroe, Claudia Jennings, David Carradine, Michael Beck, David McLean, Ja...

A Double Feature of Future Mayhem! 'Battletruck' (aka 'Warlords of the 21st Century') (1982, 91 mins) - After the Oil Wars, gasoline has become a prec... Read more

My Suicide (2010)

Director: David Lee Miller
Starring: David Carradine, Mariel Hemingway, Gabriel Sunday, Nora Dunn, Brooke Nevin

I'm Archibald Holden Buster Williams. Most people call me Archie. I'm obsessed with movies making my way through the world's insanity and yeah a perfe... Read more

Camille (2007)

Director: Gregory Mackenzie
Starring: Sienna Miller, James Franco, David Carradine, Scott Glenn, Ed Lauter

A bizarrely twisted romantic comedy with James Franco as a petty thief who is blackmailed into marrying Sienna Miller, a dreamy girl-next-door who bel... Read more

The Silent Flute ( aka Circle of Iron ) (1978)

Director: Richard Moore
Starring: Christopher Lee, David Carradine, Eli Wallach, Jeff Cooper, Roddy McDowall

Aka 'Circle of Iron'. A highly unusual mixture of Eastern philosophy and martial arts action that was based on a story written by Bruce Lee shortly be... Read more

Young Billy Young (1969)

Director: Burt Kennedy
Starring: Angie Dickinson, David Carradine, Robert Mitchum, Robert Walker, John Anderson,...

Ageing deputy Robert Mitchum puts on his six-guns one more time after his son is murdered. He teams up with young ex-gunfighter Robert Walker Jr for a... Read more

Lone Wolf McQuade (1983)

Director: Steve Carver
Starring: Chuck Norris, David Carradine, Barbara Carrera, Leon Isaac Kennedy, L Q Jones, R...

Probably Chuck Norris' best film has him cast as the lone wolf Texas Ranger who goes mano-a-mano with arms smuggler David Carradine. This spaghetti-we... Read more

Death Race 2000 / Deathsport (1975)

Director: Paul Bartel, Allan Arkush, Henry Suso
Starring: Claudia Jennings, David Carradine, Mary Woronov, Sylvester Stallone, Roberta Col...

A killer double feature of 70s exploitation from legendary B-movie producer Roger Corman. 'Death Race 2000' (1975, 80 mins) - Paul Bartel's cult class... Read more

White Crane Chronicles ( aka Kung Fu Killer ) (2008)

Director: Philip Spink
Starring: Daryl Hannah, David Carradine, Cheng Pei-Pei, Osric Chau, Kay Tong Lim, Lim Yu-B...

China, 1929. As the Republic crumbles, only the legendary Wudang monks dare to defy the ruthless warlords trafficking in the opium trade. Among them i... Read more

Gray Lady Down (1978)

Director: David Greene
Starring: Charlton Heston, Christopher Reeve, David Carradine, Ned Beatty, Ronny Cox, Rose...

With time ticking away and their oxygen supply depleting, the crew of a nuclear submarine trapped on the ocean floor relies on an experimental diving... Read more

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 (2004)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Chia Hui Gordon Liu,...

The Bride (Uma Thurman) had five on her list. Now there are three. O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green were the first to fall, now The Bride is out to finis... Read more

Kill Bill: Vol. 2 ( Blu-ray ) (2004)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, Chia Hui Gordon Liu,...

The Bride (Uma Thurman) had five on her list. Now there are three. O-Ren Ishii and Vernita Green were the first to fall, now The Bride is out to finis... Read more

Hell Ride (2008)

Director: Larry Bishop
Starring: Eric Balfour, Michael Beach, Larry Bishop, Vinnie Jones, Michael Madsen, Leonor...

A Tarantino-produced biker flick, directed by Larry Bishop (son of Rat-packer, Joey Bishop), that pays homage to the old school biker movies of the '6... Read more

Miracle at Sage Creek (2005)

Director: James Intveld
Starring: David Carradine, Wes Studi, Michael Parks, Tim Abell, Sarah Aldrich, Irene Bedar...

Aka "Christmas Miracle at Sage Creek". Set in the majestic Wyoming countryside of 1888, this family-oriented Western drama tells the story of a bitter... Read more

Ringers: Lord of the Fans (2005)

Director: Carlene Cordova
Starring: Peter Jackson, Dominic Monaghan, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen, Orlando Bloom, Da...

Essential viewing for any true Tolkein fan, this smart, entertaining documentary explores the influence of 'The Lord of The Rings' on society and pop... Read more

Hair High (2004)

Director: Bill Plympton
Starring: Voices Of, Dermot Mulroney, Sarah Silverman, David Carradine, Keith Carradine, J...

Animator Bill Plympton proves you don't need expensive 3-D computer programs to make a winning toon. Set in a gothic 1950s high school, a love triang... Read more

Wild Bill (1995)

Director: Walter Hill
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Diane Lane, Marjoe Gortner, David Arquett...

Jeff Bridges stars in this look at the life of Western legend Wild Bill Hickok. In the town of Deadwood, South Dakota, Wild Bill (Bridges) must face h... Read more

Crank: High Voltage (2009)

Director: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
Starring: Jason Statham, Amy Smart, Dwight Yoakam, Efren Ramirez, Reno Wilson, Bai Ling, C...

Picking up right where the first movie left off, Chev (Jason Statham) has survived the climactic plunge to his seemingly certain death on the streets... Read more

North and South: The Trilogy (1985)

Starring: Patrick Swayze, Peter O'Toole, Robert Mitchum, David Carradine, Gene Kelly, Eliz...

All three made-for-TV adaptations of John Jakes' epic US Civil War novels are available in this eight-disc set. In "Book One: North and South" (1985),... Read more

Dead Man's Walk (1996)

Director: Yves Simoneau
Starring: Jonny Lee Miller, David Arquette, Harry Dean Stanton, F Murray Abraham, Keith Ca...

In this prequel to 'Lonesome Dove' David Arquette and Jonny Lee Miller star as young Gus McRae and Woodrow Call, coming of age in the days when Texas... Read more

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 ( Blu-ray ) (2003)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A Fox, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, David Carradi...

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." - Old Klingon proverb. Uma Thurman is The Bride, left for dead after a wedding day massacre kills everyone in at... Read more

Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Director: Quentin Tarantino
Starring: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, Vivica A Fox, Daryl Hannah, Michael Madsen, David Carradi...

"Revenge is a dish best served cold." - Old Klingon proverb. Uma Thurman is The Bride, left for dead after a wedding day massacre kills everyone in at... Read more

The Old Man and the Gun (2018)

Director: David Lowery
Starring: Robert Redford, Casey Affleck, Danny Glover, Tom Waits, Sissy Spacek, Elisabeth...

At the age of 70, Forrest Tucker makes an audacious escape from San Quentin, conducting an unprecedented string of heists that confound authorities an... Read more

Dexter: Season 4 (2009)

Starring: Adrienne Barbeau, James Remar, John Lithgow, Keith Carradine, Lauren Velez, Desm...

Dexter's back and now he's one killer dad! The Fourth Season brings not just one, but two new arrivals - a baby, and The Trinity Killer! America's fav... Read more

Commander in Chief: The Inaugural Edition (2005)

Director: Daniel Attias, Rod Lurie
Starring: Geena Davis, Donald Sutherland, Harry Lennix, Kyle Secor, Ever Carradine, Matt L...

Geena Davis becomes America's first female president, Mackenzie 'Mac' Allen, following the death of the elected candidate. Facing all the usual probl... Read more

Dracula: The Legacy Collection - Dracula / Dracula's Daughter / Son of Dracula / House of Dracula (1945)

Director: Earle C Kenton, Lambert Hillyer, Robert Siodmak, Tod Browning, George Melford
Starring: Helen Chandler, Dwight Frye, Bela Lugosi, David Manners, Edward Van Sloan, Carlo...

Bela Lugosi stars as the debonair Count in 'Dracula', the classic version of Bram Stoker's tale of the bloodsucking fiend. Also included is the Spanis... Read more