Walkabout (1971)

Director: Nicolas Roeg
Starring: Jenny Agutter, Lucien John, David Gulpilil

Lost in the Australian Outback after their father takes his own life, two young Brits are found by an aboriginal teenager who shows them how to surviv... Read more

Satellite Boy (2012)

Director: Catriona McKenzie
Starring: David Gulpilil, Cameron Wallaby, Joseph Pedley

Pete lives with his grandfather in an old abandoned outdoor cinema in the desert. When the old drive-in is threatened with demolition, ten year old Pe... Read more

The Last Wave (1977)

Director: Peter Weir
Starring: Richard Chamberlain, Olivia Hamnett, David Gulpilil

A mesmerizing thriller about the supernatural. Richard Chamberlain stars as an Australian lawyer whose defense of five aborigines accused of murder in... Read more

Storm Boy (1976)

Director: Henri Safran
Starring: Peter Cummins, Greg Rowe, David Gulpilil

A wonderful Australian film dealing with the relationships between a boy, his pelican, his Aboriginal friend and his dour father who disapproves of bo... Read more

Charlie's Country (2013)

Director: Rolf de Heer
Starring: David Gulpilil, Peter Djiggir, Luke Ford

The great Australian Aboriginal actor David Gulpilil won the Un Certain Regard acting award at Cannes for this mesmerising performance closely reflect... Read more

Mad Dog Morgan (1976)

Director: Philippe Mora
Starring: David Gulpilil, Dennis Hopper, Jack Thompson, Frank Thring, Michael Pate

Dennis Hopper plays 'Mad Dog' Morgan - an outlaw who is wanted at any price, dead or alive. "Mad Dog" is set against the tumultous Gold Rush era of Au... Read more

Ten Canoes (2006)

Director: Rolf de Heer, Peter Djiggir
Starring: David Gulpilil, (Voice of) , Peter Minygululu, Jamie Gulpilil, Richard Birrinbir...

Rolf de Heer's uniquely enchanting and humourous fable is the first film spoken entirely in Aboriginal languages. Set before the time of Western cont... Read more

Walkabout (Blu-Ray) (1971)

Director: Nicolas Roeg
Starring: David Gulpilil, Jenny Agutter, Lucien John, John Meillon

Under the pretense of having a picnic, a geologist (John Meillon) takes his teenage daughter (Jenny Agutter) and 6-year-old son (Lucien John) into the... Read more

Gulpilil: One Red Blood (2002)

Director: Darlene Johnson
Starring: David Gulpilil, Rolf de Heer, Jack Thompson, Phillip Noyce

David Gulpilil was the first Aboriginal Australian to appear as an actor in a film, Nicholas Roeg's 'Walkabout' in 1971, and since then he has become... Read more

Australia (2008)

Director: Baz Luhrmann
Starring: Bryan Brown, David Gulpilil, David Wenham, Hugh Jackman, Jack Thompson, Nicole K...

Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman join forces with visionary director Baz Luhrmann in "Australia", an epic and romantic action adventure set on the brink... Read more