Oleanna (1994)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Debra Eisenstadt, William H Macy, Rebecca Pidgeon

David Mamet directed this screen version of his controversial two-character stage drama about a frustrated, self-involved male Professor (William H. M... Read more

Spartan (2003)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Val Kilmer, Derek Luke, William H Macy, Ed O'Neill

FBI. CIA. Secret Service. Black Ops. Robert Scott is all of these. And none of these. His newest assignment: find the possibly kidnapped daughter of a... Read more

Redbelt (2008)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Chiwetel Ejiofor, Emily Mortimer, Alice Braga, Tim Allen, Joe Mantegna, Rodrigo...

David Mamet writes and directs this martial arts drama starring Chiwetel Ejiofor as Mike, a jujitsu instructor in L.A.. With the business failing and... Read more

Homicide (1991)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Joe Mantegna, William H Macy, Natalija Nogulich

Award winning playwright David Mamet's third outing as director is a gritty crime drama about a cop taken off the biggest case of his life into a seem... Read more

The Winslow Boy (1999)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Gemma Jones, Nigel Hawthorne, Jeremy Northam, Rebecca Pidgeon

From the celebrated play by Terence Rattigan comes this moving representation of "The Winslow Boy", an exquisite new film by acclaimed director and pl... Read more

House of Games (1987)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Lindsay Crouse, Joe Mantegna, Mike Nussbaum

Playright David Mamet's directorial film debut is this superbly crafted story about an uptight psychiatrist (Lindsay Crouse) who goes thrill-seeking w... Read more

State and Main (2000)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Alec Baldwin, Sarah Jessica Parker, Philip Seymour Hoffman, William H Macy, Davi...

When a big-budget film crew takes over a small town, they shoot first...and ask questions later. Director Walt Price (William H Macy) has his work cut... Read more

The Spanish Prisoner (1998)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Campbell Scott, Steve Martin, Rebecca Pidgeon

Playwright-filmmaker David Mamet goes Hitchcockian in this thriller involving an elaborate con game. A naive inventor (Campbell Scott) develops a form... Read more

Heist (2001)

Director: David Mamet
Starring: Gene Hackman, Danny DeVito, Sam Rockwell, Ricky Jay, Rebecca Pidgeon, Delroy Lin...

In this caper film from writer/director David Mamet, Gene Hackman is a New England shipbuilder who doubles as an expert thief, who's looking to retire... Read more

The Unit: Season 1 (2006)

Director: Bill L Norton, David Mamet, Steve Gomer, etc
Starring: Dennis Haysbert, Regina Taylor, Robert Patrick, Audrey Marie Anderson, Max Marti...

A fictionalized and dramatic look inside a covert Special Forces team that operates outside the military chain of command. Conceived by David Mamet, a... Read more