The Taming of the Shrew - Shakespeare Retold (2005)

Director: David Richards
Starring: Shirley Henderson, Rufus Sewell, Jaime Murray, Stephen Tompkinson, Twiggy, Davi...

Katherine (Shirley Henderson) is a successful politician with a chance at the party leadership, but her abrasive temper has left her a 38-year-old sin... Read more

Albert's Memorial (2009)

Director: David Richards
Starring: David Jason, David Warner, Michael Jayston, Judith Hoersch

Albert's (Michael Jayston) dying wish to his old comrades in arms, Harry (David Jason) and Frank (David Warner), is to be buried in a meadow where, as... Read more

Foyle's War: Series 7 (2010)

Director: Stuart Orme, David Richards
Starring: Eleanor Bron, Tim Pigott-Smith, Tom Goodman-Hill, Charlotte Riley, Honeysuckle W...

It's July 1945 and the war in Europe is over. Britain is settling into peacetime, a new Labour Government is waiting in the wings and Foyle is eager t... Read more

Shirley Temple Collection - Adventure in Baltimore - The Story of Seabiscuit - Baby Take A Bow - The Little Princess (1938)

Director: David Butler, Harry Lachman, Walter Lang, Richard Wallace
Starring: Shirley Temple, John Agar, Robert Young, Barry Fitzgerald, James Dunn, Claire Tr...

The most famous little girl in movie history is here with four fabulous films. 'Adventure in Baltimore' (1949) sees little Shirley growing up into a... Read more

ER: Season 3 (1996)

Director: David Nutter, Jonathan Kaplan, Richard Thorpe, Tom Moore, Rod Holcomb, Davis Guggenheim, Christopher Chulack, Perry Lang, Paris Barclay
Starring: George Clooney, Anthony Edwards, Eriq La Salle, Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reube...

This critically acclaimed series returns for a third season, with a mix of compelling storylines and intense drama winning three Emmys, including Outs... Read more

Alan Bennett at the BBC (2010)

Director: David Hinton, Giles Foster, John Schlesinger, Malcolm Mowbray, Richard Eyre, Stephen Frears, Stuart Burge, Udayan Prasad, Jonathan Stedall
Starring: Alan Bates, Alan Bennett, Daniel-Day Lewis, James Fox, Janet McTeer, Jim Broadbe...

Alan Bennett is one of Britain's most popular and prolific authors and playwrights. He initially wrote for the stage, but found that with his observan... Read more