In Search of Shakespeare (2004)

Director: David Wallace
Starring: Michael Wood

He is the most famous of Englishmen, and yet our biographical knowledge of William Shakespeare has always been scant. Now Michael Wood - with the help... Read more

1421: The Year China Discovered the World (2004)

Director: David Wallace

Based on Gavin Menzies' controversial book and his '1421 theory' that Chinese mariners had explored and charted the world, long before Europeans. Fol... Read more

Crusades: Volume 1 (1995)

Director: Alan Ereira, David Wallace
Starring: Presented By, Terry Jones

For 200 years the armies of Europe battled Muslim forces for control of the Holy Land (and its riches). Now the full story is told in exciting fashion... Read more

The Face of Tutankhamun (2006)

Director: David Wallace, Derek Towers
Starring: Presented By, Christopher Frayling

The wondrous story surrounding the discovery of Tutankhamun's tomb is brought to life in this four-part BBC series. Writer and creator Christopher Fra... Read more

Shirley Temple Collection - Adventure in Baltimore - The Story of Seabiscuit - Baby Take A Bow - The Little Princess (1938)

Director: David Butler, Harry Lachman, Walter Lang, Richard Wallace
Starring: Shirley Temple, John Agar, Robert Young, Barry Fitzgerald, James Dunn, Claire Tr...

The most famous little girl in movie history is here with four fabulous films. 'Adventure in Baltimore' (1949) sees little Shirley growing up into a... Read more