Against a Crooked Sky (1975)

Director: Earl Bellamy
Starring: Henry Wilcoxon, Richard Boone

A remake of John Ford's landmark western 'The Searchers'. Richard Boone appears in the John Wayne role, playing an ageing trapper obsessed with rescui... Read more

The Trackers (1971)

Director: Earl Bellamy
Starring: Ernest Borgnine, Sammy Davis Jr

Rancher Sam Paxton (Ernest Borgnine) is devastated to find that his son has been murdered and his daughter kidnapped by a bandit gang of Army deserter... Read more

Sidecar Racers (1975)

Director: Earl Bellamy
Starring: Ben Murphy, Wendy Hughes, John Clayton, Peter Graves, John Meillon, Serge Lazare...

Jeff Rayburn, an American surfer visiting Australia, gets involved in the world of sidecar motorcycle racing. He becomes friends with Dave Ferguson an... Read more