King Lear (Jones) (1974)

Director: Edwin Sherin
Starring: James Earl Jones, Raul Julia, Paul Sorvino, Rene Auberjonois, Rosalind Cash

The formidable James Earl Jones reprises his critically-acclaimed King Lear in this television adaptation of Joseph Papp's New York Shakespeare Festiv... Read more

Valdez Is Coming (1970)

Director: Edwin Sherin
Starring: Burt Lancaster, Susan Clark, Jon Cypher

This rugged, guns-a-blazing Western tale adapted from an Elmore Leonard story, stars Burt Lancaster as a Mexican-American who wages a violent crusade... Read more

Lena: My 100 Children (1978)

Director: Edwin Sherin
Starring: Torquil Campbell, Linda Lavin

Based on the life of Lena Kuchler-Silberman, here portrayed by Linda Lavin. During World War II, Lena, a Polish Jew, posed as a Catholic to escape the... Read more