The Adjuster (1991)

Director: Atom Egoyan
Starring: Elias Koteas, Arsinee Khanjian, Maury Chaykin

A provocative examination of voyeurism and the power of images from Atom Egoyan. Elias Koteas plays an insurance adjuster who secretly likes giving aw... Read more

Cyborg 2: Glass Shadow (1993)

Director: Michael Schroeder
Starring: Angelina Jolie, Jack Palance, Elias Koteas

Angelina Jolie has her first starring role as a super-cyborg in the year 2074, when Earth has become the battlefield for a war between corporate giant... Read more

Exotica (1994)

Director: Atom Egoyan
Starring: Mia Kirshner, Elias Koteas, Bruce Greenwood

This eerie, erotic meditation on sex, lies and voyeurism from Canada's Atom Egoyan is set in and around a strip club frequented by a docile tax audito... Read more

The Fourth Kind (2009)

Director: Olatunde Osunsanmi
Starring: Elias Koteas, Milla Jovovich, Will Patton

In remote Alaska, citizens have been mysteriously vanishing since the 1960s. Despite multiple FBI investigations, the truth behind the phenomena had n... Read more

Apt Pupil (1998)

Director: Bryan Singer
Starring: Elias Koteas, Ian McKellen, Brad Renfro, Bruce Davison, David Schwimmer

Bryan Singer's follow-up to his superb 'The Usual Suspects' is this grand psychological number based on a novella by Stephen King. Brad Renfro, a high... Read more

Defendor (2009)

Director: Peter Stebbings
Starring: Elias Koteas, Sandra Oh, Woody Harrelson, Michael Kelly, Kat Dennings

Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson) doesn¹t need superpowers or fancy toys to fight crime. Armed only with a childlike sense of wonder and his quirky... Read more

Apt Pupil (Blu-Ray) (1998)

Director: Bryan Singer
Starring: Brad Renfro, Bruce Davison, David Schwimmer, Elias Koteas, Ian McKellen

Todd Bowden is a college student studying the Holocaust who discovers that his neighbour is a death camp criminal hiding out in America. Bowden makes... Read more

I Come with the Rain (2008)

Director: Tran Anh Hung
Starring: Elias Koteas, Josh Hartnett, Tran Nu Yen Khe, Takuya Kimura, Byung-hun Lee, Shaw...

Kline (Josh Hartnett), an ex-cop in Los Angeles traumatized by slaying a serial killer, is hired by a powerful corporate boss to go to the Philippines... Read more

Harrison's Flowers (2000)

Director: Elie Chouraqui
Starring: Elias Koteas, David Strathairn, Brendan Gleeson, Andie MacDowell, Adrien Brody

This sweeping drama is set in 1991 focusing on David Strathairn, a prize-winning Newsweek photographer, who takes one last assignment in war-torn Yugo... Read more

Collateral Damage ( Blu-ray ) (2002)

Director: Andrew Davis
Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Elias Koteas, John Leguizamo, John Turturro, Cliff Curtis

When his wife and child are killed in a bombing by a terrorist known as "The Wolf," Los Angeles fire-fighter Arnold Schwarzenegger decides to take mat... Read more