Trigger Happy (1996)

Director: Larry Bishop
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Gabriel Byrne, Richard Dreyfuss, Jeff Goldblum, Kyle MacLachlan

Aka 'Mad Dog Time'. On another, but almost identical, Earth, gangsters rule supreme. Jeff Goldblum is continually challenged by upstarts, primarily Ky... Read more

Faerie Tale Theatre: Volume 2 (1982)

Director: Francis Ford Coppola, Nicholas Meyer, Peter Medak, Robert Iscove, Tim Burton, Mark Cullingham
Starring: Alan Arkin, Alfre Woodard, Barrie Ingham, Ben Vereen, Brian Dennehy, Brock Peter...

With lavish special effects, unique scripting and an outstanding cast of actors and directors, this terrific series, created and executive produced by... Read more

Into the West (1993)

Director: Mike Newell
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, Colm Meaney

A magical tale for the whole family about a father, his two sons and a mystical white horse, who leads them out of the city, across Ireland and Into T... Read more

Crimes and Misdemeanors (1989)

Director: Woody Allen
Starring: Caroline Aaron, Alan Alda, Woody Allen, Claire Bloom, Mia Farrow, Joanna Gleason...

Writer/Director Woody Allen weaves together two separate stories in this highly acclaimed comedy/drama. A married man (Martin Landau) having troubles... Read more

Down By Law (1986)

Director: Jim Jarmusch
Starring: Ellen Barkin, Roberto Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi, John Lurie, Tom Waits

Jim Jarmusch's follow-up to his immensely successful "Stranger Than Paradise" stars Tom Waits, John Lurie - and in a treasure of a performance, Robert... Read more

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998)

Director: Terry Gilliam
Starring: Johnny Depp, Christina Ricci, Benicio Del Toro, Tobey Maguire, Ellen Barkin, Gar...

Helmsman Terry Gilliam, with a script co-written by Alex Cox, conjures up this adaptation of Hunter S. Thompson's 1971 cult novel, which defined the c... Read more

Berkeley in the Sixties (1990)

Director: Mark Kitchell
Starring: Martin Luther King, Allen Ginsberg, Joan Baez

An acclaimed film of the major events of the 1960s, including the civil rights movement, free speech protests and anti-war rallies, as seen by 15 lead... Read more

This Boy's Life (1993)

Director: Michael Caton-Jones
Starring: Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, Leonardo DiCaprio

A harrowing but utterly absorbing story (based on Tobias Wolff's autobiographical book) of a young boy and his footloose mother who wind up living in... Read more

Lovely, Still (2008)

Director: Nicholas Fackler
Starring: Ellen Burstyn, Martin Landau, Elizabeth Banks, Adam Scott

Lonely senior Robert (Martin Landau) faces an unexpected and rejuvenating new chapter in his life after meeting his new neighbor, a widow (Ellen Burst... Read more

Diner (1982)

Director: Barry Levinson
Starring: Steve Guttenberg, Mickey Rourke, Daniel Stern, Kevin Bacon, Timothy Daly, Ellen...

Nostalgic, funny, personal memoir of a group of young men in their early 20's, hanging out at their favourite diner in Baltimore, 1959. This was the t... Read more