Snow Cake (2006)

Director: Marc Evans
Starring: Alan Rickman, Sigourney Weaver, Carrie-Anne Moss, David Fox, Emily Hampshire

Alan Rickman plays the taciturn Alex who has travelled to Canada following the death of a son he barely knew. Driving through a winter landscape a fr... Read more

The Life Before This (1999)

Director: Gerard Ciccoritti
Starring: Catherine O'Hara, Joe Pantoliano, Sarah Polley, David Hewlett, Stephen Rea, Emil...

Exploring concepts of fate and free will, this contemplative drama brings a handful of random people together during the 12 hours leading up to a bloo... Read more

High School Revolution ( The Trotsky ) (2009)

Director: Jacob Tierney
Starring: Genevieve Bujold, Michael Murphy, Saul Rubinek, Anne-Marie Cadieux, Jay Baruchel...

AKA "The Trotsky" When your name overly resembles that of a revolutionary leader, you can be forgiven for supposing your life to be weighted with the... Read more

Cosmopolis (2012)

Director: David Cronenberg
Starring: Juliette Binoche, Mathieu Amalric, Samantha Morton, Paul Giamatti, Jay Baruchel,...

Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) is a 28-year-old finance billionaire who sets out to cross New York City in his luxurious white stretch limo to get to... Read more