The Legend of the Tamworth Two (2004)

Director: Metin Huseyin
Starring: Chris Langham, Gerard Horan, Emma Pierson, Darren Boyd, Alexei Sayle, Kevin What...

Not wanting to become just another roast dinner, two Tamworth pigs escaped from a slaughterhouse in January 1998. Butch and Sundance, as they were chr... Read more

The Worst Week of My Life: Series 1 (2004)

Director: Dan Zeff
Starring: Sarah Alexander, Janine Duvitski, Ben Miller, Emma Pierson, Alison Steadman, Geo...

This entertaining comedy series from the BBC follows the bumbling Howard as he lurches from one appallingly embarrassing disaster to the next in the w... Read more

Little Dorrit (2008)

Director: Diarmuid Lawrence, Dearbhla Walsh, Adam Smith
Starring: Bill Paterson, Judy Parfitt, Tom Courtenay, Andy Serkis, James Fleet, Alun Armst...

Scandalous secrets, strangling bureaucracy, and crippling debts collide in this compelling adaptation of Charles Dickens' weighty novel, which debuted... Read more