Love Story (2010)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Masha Yakovenko, Florian Habicht

A beautiful stranger on the Coney Island train becomes both lead actress and real life object of desire in this choose your own adventure documentary... Read more

Pulp: A Film About Life, Death and Supermarkets (2014)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Jarvis Cocker

PULP found fame on the world stage in the 1990s with anthems including 'Common People', 'Disco 2000', and 'Babies'. In 2012 they returned to their hom... Read more

James & Isey (2021)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Florian Habicht

Genuine New Zealand treasures Isey and James invite us into their lives in the week leading up to Isey's 100th birthday. A Northland celebration of li... Read more

Woodenhead (2003)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Nicholas Butler, Teresa Peters

"Gert is ordered by a dump owner to deliver his beautiful mute daughter, Princess Plum, to her wedding. The two embark on a mystical journey through s... Read more

Kaikohe Demolition (2004)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Uncle Bimm, John Zielinski, Ben Haretuku

New Zealand small town Kaikohe made world news in 1991 when some of it's children attacked Santa in the local Christmas Parade. Florian Habicht's ("Wo... Read more

Land of the Long White Cloud (2009)

Director: Florian Habicht

Filmmaker Florian Habicht returns to his home turf of Northland for "Land of the Long White Cloud", a follow-up in many ways to his 2004 documentary "... Read more

Spookers (2017)

Director: Florian Habicht
Starring: Huia Apiata, Barbara Armstrong

As night falls at Spookers, dozens of seemingly ordinary people become freaks, zombies and chainsaw-wielding clowns. Every weekend come rain, hail or... Read more